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2010 IHBC Annual School

Going for Gold; delivering excellence in conservation
Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th June 2010

London School Report - Context Issue 116, September 2010
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  • A great balance of subjects & style
  • More of the same please
  • Venue and speakers all excellent and the event well organised and skillfully chaired
  • A brilliant day, really enjoyed it, very relevant, very well organised, excellent value for money


  • I learnt something useful from every talk.
  • All good and informative presentations.
  • The tours were just fabulous.
  • All venues were excellent in terms of organisation and accessibility; the Day School venue being particularly outstanding (for its architecture as well as its facilities)


  • Very useful and well organised. A good networking opportunity.
  • The purpose of the IHBC is to promote and raise professional expertise. Even on the day school, the latest highest standards for the current challenges (embodied in PPS5) were tackled in a consumable manner.


  • Thoroughly interesting theme, well presented and thought provoking
  • Rare and welcome opportunity to meet like-minded people working in same sphere.
  • Organisation and venue were top class.

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