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NB: You may take your first step towards IHBC membership by registering as a Supporter Member of the IHBC using the form linked above. Anyone interested in IHBC accreditation is encouraged to start there.

The IHBC has four categories of membership.

  1. Supporter (Unassessed): The first category is Supporter membership. This is the first step to IHBC membership and is open to all. This category of membership requires that applicants agree to pay the annual subscription in full within 30 days after the beginning of each membership year.
  2. Affiliate (Assessed - Reassessment required every 5 years): The IHBC’s introductory professional membership category, recommended for all practitioners who want to work towards IHBC accreditation, regardless of their skills, qualifications or credentials.
  3. Associate (Accredited – Reassessment required every 5 years): Practitioners who have secured conservation accreditation from the IHBC in their generic area of practice in line with the Institute’s membership standards and criteria and the international models on which they are based.
  4. Full Member (Accredited – No reassessment required): Those practitioners who have secured multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary professional accreditation from the IHBC in line with the institute’s membership criteria, outlined below.

Please note: Membership categories 2, 3 and 4 require that applicants agree to abide by the Institute's Code of Conduct and pay the annual subscription in full within 30 days after the beginning of each membership year.

There is no fee to change membership categories, but there are strict criteria regulating applications to become a Full Member of the IHBC, as discussed below.

Membership Benefits:

All membership categories have the right to receive notices such as the IHBC’s ‘NewsBlog’ and Membership Matters, internal literature and Context, as well as reduced rates to events where these apply and other membership benefits. Only full Members have the automatic right to attend General Meetings although normally all categories are encouraged to attend.

The IHBC’s Membership and Ethics Committee recommends eligibility for and class of membership, with final approval resting with the IHBC’s Council.

An appeal procedure is available for those who are unhappy with any decisions with respect to membership decisions.

Find out more about our professional membership categories

For queries please contact Carmen Moran, IHBC Membership Services Officer at

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