A stitch in time… Makes good sense and saves money
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Essential basic advice on how to look after your home.

Your home may be the most expensive investment you will ever make! Keeping a check on your home will keep it warm and comfortable, and help maximise its value, while also making sure that it costs you as little as possible over the time that you are there.

Ask a HESPR company: 15 minutes of free expert advice and guidance from conservation practices on the IHBC’s HESPR register.

The advice may not answer questions in full but will help you work towards the answers, point you towards other sources of information or suggest where further professional advice is required.

Tell the HESPR company you are asking for the “HESPR free 15 minutes advice offer”.

Additional terms and conditions of this advice

Our guidance helps you:

  • Get the right work done by the right people, at the right time.
  • Understand how working with original materials properly can avoid wasting money on unsuitable replacements or ineffective works
  • Maintain the character of the property to retain and increase its value.
  • Keep a record of the checks and works carried out, creating a valuable reference for its care, giving comfort both to you and any future owners.