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Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition (HESPR) (IHBC: Conservation Professionals)
The IHBC’s own HESPR is a recognition and promotional service for companies operating in any area of historic environment conservation. Those companies using the service adopt IHBC membership as a standard for quality control. Use HESPR to find a conservation professional with the skills and experience you need.

Accredited Heritage Buildings Contractors Register (NHTG: Contractors)
(undergoing development)
The NHTG Traditional Building Craft Skills in England 2008 research identified the need for a UK wide unified Accredited Heritage Building Contractors Register, with regional and national emphasis.

The aim is to develop a unified accredited register for use by public and private stockholders and in particular, to provide consumer protection to homeowners when selecting a suitable experienced and competent contractor for pre-1919 building work.

The Building Conservation Directory (Miscellaneous)
Published annually by Cathedral Communications since 1993, the Directory contains over 1,000 contacts for the conservation and repair of historic buildings, together with articles and other useful information. Members of the IHBC receive the publication free of charge, and an on-line version is available at www.buildingconservation.com. The website includes an archive of over 250 articles on conservation issues, together with a searchable database of consultants, craftsmen, products and materials, courses and sources of information and advice.

Cathedral Communications operates a policy of only accepting entries for products and services of relevance to the conservation of historic buildings.

Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineers (CARE:Engineers)
This is intended to provide clients and other professionals with a body of civil and structural engineers who are familiar with the philosophy and methods of the conservation of historic structures and sites. It is also intended as a means of encouraging engineers to raise their awareness and standards by pursuing their continuing professional development in this field.

Conservation Architecture Accreditation (RIAS: Architects)
Since early 1995, the RIAS has adopted a procedure for recognising and accrediting levels of skill and experience in conservation architecture.

The Conservation Register (ICON: Conservator-restorers)
This provides information on the business's of accredited conservator-restorers in the UK and Ireland.

Whether you need a textile conservator's help with the cleaning of a family christening gown, a condition survey of a museum collection, or a preparatory conservation report to support a funding application, this website can put you in touch with someone with the skills and experience to help.

Find a Conservationist (CIAT) (Architectural Technologists)
The Directory of Conservationists identifies all CIAT Member(s) (MCIAT) who have qualified as a CIAT-Accredited Conservationist or CIAT-Recognised Conservationist (non-practising).

Lead Contractors Association (LCA: Lead contractors)
LCA members are graded according to the quality and complexity of work inspected during an annual vetting programme, and grades are published annually in the Directory of Specialist Leadwork Contractors.

The National Heritage Roofing Contractors’ Register (NFRC: Roofing contractors)
The National Heritage Roofing Contractors’ Register identifies and lists contractors who have the highest levels of knowledge, skill and experience in the historic and vernacular systems of clay tile, slate, stone and shingle roofing in the UK.

The scheme was officially launched in 2008 and is fully endorsed by English Heritage, Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments, the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland, Historic Scotland, the National Heritage Training Group and ConstructionSkills.

The register is open to all roofers and roofing companies, both NFRC members and non-members .

National Society of Master Thatchers - Find a thatcher (Thatchers)
Thatching members throughout England and Wales. All have to pass a stringent vetting procedure to become a member, ensuring that the quality of work is of the highest standard. You can be sure that you are accessing a registry that includes the best thatchers in the country.

The Professional Trades Directory
Our Professional Trades Directory offers a wide range of trades people who can help you with any part of your church, chapel or meeting house.Greater London, HACKNEY, St John at Hackney

With over 200 companies in our directory, you should be able to find the right person for the job. Anything from a leaking roof or stained glass that needs repairing, to new toilet facilities that need installing, to IT support and fundraising consultants you should be able to find the right person here.

Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC: Architects)
Registered Architects demonstrate the highest levels of skills in conservation, repair, and sensitive design of new interventions to historic buildings.

RIBA Conservation Register (RIBA: Architects)
The RIBA Conservation Register enables those looking to commission work on heritage buildings to find architects with the specific skills and experience they require, encompassing all aspects of historic building conservation, repair and maintenance. The Register has three levels of membership.

Registered Organisations (CIfA: Archaeologists)
Registered Organisations have demonstrated the requisite skills in archaeology to provide informed and reliable advice, execute schemes of work appropriate to the circumstances, and subscribe to codes of professional conduct and practice

Surveyors accredited in building conservation (RICS: Surveyors)
Contact details of the many Chartered Surveyors accredited by RICS in building conservation.

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