IHBC Database of Accredited Practitioners  

The IHBC Accredited Practioners’ searchable database below is a public listing of accredited (or ‘certified’) members of the IHBC - the UK’s professional body for built and historic environment professionals - who have agreed to, or have been required to, list details here. 

Individuals accredited as ‘Full’ members’ of the IHBC have demonstrated their competence in built and historic environment conservation practice and may choose to list their names on this database.

Individuals accredited as ‘Associate’ (Assoc) members of the IHBC are required to post their names here for regulatory purposes.  Associate members have demonstrated their competence in a specific area of conservation practice – what the IHBC terms an ‘Area of Practical Competence’ - that typically aligns with their primary area of practice, for example:

  • Evaluation:    e.g. History, Archaeology or Research
  • Management: e.g. Planning, Project and Heritage Management, 
  • Intervention:  e.g. Architecture, Engineering, Surveying or Urban Design

Using the database: A guide for clients

Clients seeking accredited conservation advice may use the database as follows:

  • Any individual with a year listed in the column headed ‘Re-Accreditation Cycle’ has been accredited or re-accredited in that year.  If no year is listed, the member has not opted in to the optional 5-Year re-accreditation cycle.
  • The ‘Branches’ column can help identify the likely location of a member, referring to the UK listing of our Branches as required.
  • Information provided in the ‘Qualifications’ column may help identify an individual’s practice areas.  The information is based on that supplied by the member concerned, and for various reasons may not be up-to-date.  As with the engagement of any adviser or service, details should be cross-checked with the member and any relevant bodies cited.
  • An individual that represents an IHBC registered HESPR company or service is titled a 'Designated Service Adviser', and is identified in the column headed ‘HESPR DSA’.  See our HESPR website, and below, for more information.

HESPR: IHBC’s Heritage Business listing, connecting client needs & heritage expertise
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This database does not include company listings. If you are looking for a company that works to the IHBC's principles and standards please search our web listing of HESPR companies. This also provides links to the websites of HESPR companies.

The database below identifies those members formally linked to the IHBC's list of HESPR companies through their role as the IHBC's 'Designated Service Adviser' (DSA) in a HESPR company. if you want to find out more about the role of the DSA see our HESPR website.


If you need assistance in searching this list contact Michael Netter at services@ihbc.org.uk

If you seek other guidance on securing conservation advice or services see HERE

Accessible guidance on care: You may like to find out more about ‘Caring for your home

To find IHBC accredited practitioners working in a specific discipline or practice area, you can use the abbreviated qualifications listed below in the search box. All qualifications data should be cross-checked with the relevant bodies.

Practice area Architecture Archaeology Survey Planning Building Architectural technology Urban Design Engineering Conservation Any
Qualifications etc (searches by letter sequence) RIBA; ARB; AABC; Archit IFA; Archaeol RICS; CBS RTPI; TP; URP CIOB CIAT UD Eng; Struct; ICE Con IHBC