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There are many courses and professions that provide suitable grounding for people who want to become historic environment conservation professionals (see here for Conservation Courses). Depending on your core training and the area of your preferred specialist area of work, a substantial part of your educational needs might already be available to you. For full guidance on possible routes to becoming a Full Member of the IHBC, see our guidance on ‘Routes to IHBC Membership’, and ‘Standards and Guidance for Applicants

Potential specialisms for prospective historic environment conservation professionals are covered by the websites of the following organisations:

Links to other sites may not be active so you may need to contact the host site for further information.

Architectural History
Art History
Building Preservation Trust Managers
Surveying & property management
Landscape Architecture
Architectural Technology
Building and Services
Traditional building trades & crafts

For membership application queries please contact Carmen Moran, IHBC Membership Services Officer at:

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