Place Services

Essex County Council, County Hall, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1QH
Tel:  0333 032 0847
Which IHBC Branch are you based in?

East Anglia

Which county are you based in?


Describe the work your company carries out

Our historic environment services help balance the demands of development and conservation, ensuring economic growth and sustainable management of the historic environment, whilst maximising the benefits of heritage assets, and enhancing historic places. We have a proven track-record delivering work for local authorities, Historic England, conservation charities and private sector.

Give examples of up to three projects you have undertaken

Name: Vulnerable Conservation Areas Assessment
Project Location: Cromer, Fe!ixstowe, Clacton-on-Sea and Harwich
Client: Historic England
Type of Project: Conservation Area Assessment
Web link:

Clacton Conservation Area

Name: Traditional Building Skills, Conservation Courses and Lectures
Project Location : Varied
Client: Private Sector/Public Sector/Individual Interest
Type of Project: Provision of educational/CPD Courses
Web Link:

Traditional Building Skills, Conservation Courses and Lectures

Name: Great and Little Chesterford Historic Area Assessment

Project Location: Great and Little Chesterford, Essex
Client: Uttlesford District Council
Type of Project: Historic Area Assessment
Web link :

Walled garden at Holkham Hall

HESPR 'Designated Service Adviser'

Name: Tim Murphy

Job title: Historic Environment Manager

Tel: 0333 032 0847 


Which of the following roles do you consider your company carries out under the HESPR scheme?

Historic Building conservation YES

Conservation planning YES

Architectural design and new build in historic areas YES

Historical research YES

Historic area assessments YES

Project Management YES

Archaeology YES