TDR Heritage Ltd

Grosvenor House, 11 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1RB
Tel:  07505 495 725
Which IHBC Branch are you based in?

East Midlands

Which county are you based in?

East Midlands & West Midlands - with nationwide coverage

Describe the work your company carries out

TDR Heritage are qualified in history, archaeology and building conservation and have been multi-disciplinary practitioners in the sector for over 25 years.

Our expertise covers the conservation and management of the urban and rural historic environment.

We have substantial experience of

  • developing an understanding of the significance of archaeological sites, historic buildings, areas and townscapes
  • practical 'conservation led' approaches to sites, buildings & areas
  • advising on condition, maintenance and conservation management
  • advising on the eligibility of projects & developing applications for grant aid
  • coordinating and negotiating appropriate reuse, repairs and alterations

Our services include

  • Preparing bids for heritage projects - HLF, Historic England, English Heritage and Esmee Fairbairn.
  • Conservation Area Appraisals and Conservation Area Management Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans (CMP)
  • Heritage statements / Statements of Significance and Need
  • Historic research and archaeological desk-based assessments for all types of heritage asset
  • Building at risk surveys an Heritage grant programme delivery and evaluation
  • Training in conserving and managing the historic environment

Give examples of up to three projects you have undertaken


Dudley Townscape Heritage Scheme:
Stage 2 Application for HLF funding

Dudley, West Midlands
Client - Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (Local Authority)

Project management, conservation services and preparation of a successful HLF Stage 2

Application for the £1.13 million Dudley Townscape Heritage (Phase 2) including survey work to establish the heritage and economic need, developing the application and associated documents, including the Maintenance and Management Plan and Conservation Area Management Plan and finalising the programme and bid text.



Restoration of the parkland structures at Swiss Garden
Old Warden, Bedfordshire

Client - Chris Garrand Associates - Architects for the Shuttleworth Trust restoration of the garden (Private)

Primary and secondary research into the origins and development of the c.20 listed buildings and structures to inform statements of significance, the repair strategies for the historic ironwork, paint schemes and buildings, the Conservation Management Plan and the subsequent award-winning HLF-funded restoration of the built aspects of the registered park.



The Historic Environment Significance of Village Halls and Public Buildings
England-wide research
Client - English Heritage (NDPB)

Desk-based research project to investigate the heritage significance and value of rural public buildings in England, particularly focusing on village halls, the inception of which largely resulted from the huge social impact of the First World War. The project involved primary and secondary research into listed and unlisted structures to gauge the development of village halls and rural public buildings, the overall survival of the building type, changes in building design, structure and use over time, significance and threats to this significance, and case studies demonstrating good practice, including showing that listing need not preclude new uses and services.

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HESPR 'Designated Service Adviser'

Name: Victoria Hunns

Job title: Historic Environment & Conservation Consultant

Tel: 07505 495 725


Which of the following roles do you consider your company carries out under the HESPR scheme?

Historic Building conservation YES

Conservation planning YES

Architectural design and new build in historic areas

Historical research YES

Historic area assessments YES

Project Management YES

Archaeology YES

Particular expertise in Townscape Heritage with experience in Stage 1 applications, Stage 2 (development phase) applications, project delivery and programme evaluation

HLF Stage 1 and Stage 2 bids for historic buildings, areas and sites;

Evaluation of HLF Projects

Development of applications for funding for heritage projects (including HLF, Historic England, English Heritage, Esmee Fairbairn)

Primary and secondary research and the interpretation of historic places, sites and buildings.