Architectural History Practice

70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ
Tel:  07941 870192
Which IHBC Branch are you based in?

London, but we operate throughout the country

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Describe the work your company carries out

AHP is a research-based heritage consultancy specialising in advice on listed buildings and historic places. The company’s areas of expertise include: heritage statements and historic building reports; conservation management plans; listing assessments and specialist strategic advice; public inquiries and informal hearings. Both AHP's directors are former English Heritage (Historic England) Inspectors of Historic Buildings.

Give examples of up to three projects you have undertaken

1. The Hoover Building, London

Hoover Building
The main building of the former Hoover vacuum cleaner factory in London’s Western Avenue was built for the American Hoover Company in 1931-2 to the designs of Thomas Wallis of Wallis, Gilbert & Partners. It is one of the landmarks of commercial Art Deco in Britain. The factory was added to the statutory list in October 1980 at grade II* and was converted to offices in the early 1990s as part of a general redevelopment of the site. AHP prepared a Statement of Significance and Scoping Study in January 2014 to inform proposals to convert the building into apartments and subsequently a full Heritage Statement to accompany the planning and listed building consent applications to Ealing Council.

2. Stonyhurst College, Lancashire

Stonyhurst College
Stonyhurst College is a Catholic boarding school in north Lancashire, with a multi-phase complex of fine historic buildings set in a well-preserved early eighteenth-century landscape. The place has been continuously used by Catholics since a new mansion was built by Sir Richard Shireburn in 1592. The Jesuits established a school here in 1794, after fleeing persecution on the continent, and since then new buildings have been added in phases, some by well-known Catholic architects such as J.J.Scoles and Dunn & Hansom. The College asked AHP to provide a comprehensive conservation plan for the buildings and designed landscape, to provide a framework for future conservation management and development. AHP also worked with Historic England’s Listing team to produce a set of up-to-date list entries for the complex which better reflect the different levels of significance and provide greater clarity of the extent of listing (under the provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013). Both pieces of work were completed in 2015. AHP brought in Chris Burnett Associates to provide landscape advice and Oxford Archaeology to assess archaeological potential across the site.

For further information, please see page 46 of Historic England's Designation Yearbook 2014-15.

3. The walled garden at Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Walled garden at Holkham Hall
The walled garden at Holkham Hall was built by the agricultural reformer Coke of Norfolk in the 1780s. It covers six acres, and is surrounded by woodland and a ha-ha. The buildings and structures of the walled garden display developments in horticulture and the servicing of the country house from the late eighteenth century through to the early twentieth century, but several are in need of repair. Working with garden historian Dr Twigs Way, AHP has prepared a Conservation Plan for Holkham Walled Garden Ltd, as part of a lottery-funded project to repair the historic structures and enhance visitor facilities at the site.

Photo: the bell tower shed and the Messenger glasshouse in the walled garden at Holkham Hall, Norfolk

HESPR 'Designated Service Adviser'

Name: Andrew Derrick

Job title: Director

Tel: 07941 870192 


Which of the following roles do you consider your company carries out under the HESPR scheme?

Historic Building conservation YES

Conservation planning YES

Architectural design and new build in historic areas

Historical research YES

Historic area assessments

Project Management