Thursday, 20th June

Venue: Crown & Mitre Hotel, Carlisle

12.30 – 14.00
Registration, Crown and Mitre Hotel
14.00 - 17.00
Study Tours - ‘Skills in Management and Projects' depart
Crown & Mitre Hotel
Tour 1:
Carlisle City Walk -Historic Quarter

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Carlisle City Walls
Carlisle is rich, or relatively rich, in mediaeval buildings and the shape and layout of the early town can still be clearly seen in the modern city. Some of the oldest buildings have a utilitarian defensive solidity which perfectly reflects the hardships that the place had to endure for so many centuries but others have a surprising grandeur that seems to belie the insecurity that must have been a constant presence during the Border wars. Less surprising, but very interesting given the enmity that must have existed, are the clear Scottish stylistic influences to be found in a number of buildings. more…
Tour 2:
Carlisle Castle Study - Future Options
Carlisle Castle Exterior
A study tour from the school base at the Crown and Mitre ´┐╝Hotel to Carlisle Castle, a major English Heritage guardianship site. The walk to the castle will provide context and background to the development of the Castle and the city of Carlisle, sited only 9 miles from the historic border with Scotland. English Heritage will lead the tour of the Castle, first developed as a wooden stockade in 1092, and rebuilt in stone from 1120. The castle stands close to the roman fort of Luguvalium and not far from Stanwix – the largest fort along Hadrian’s Wall. The union of crowns in 1603 should have reduced the need for defended sites, but Carlisle is one of a small number of castles continuously garrisoned for over 900 years. more...
Tour 3:
Brampton Conservation Area Action Plan & St Martins Church
Brampton is considered to be one of Cumbria's most charming market towns and was given its charter in 1252, although it can be traced back to the 7th century as a settlement. Like so many other small, historic, comparatively prosperous market town conservation areas, Brampton’s overriding issue is gradual erosion of architectural features, threats to the historic public realm, and unsatisfactory traffic and parking. more...
Tour 4:
Warwick Bridge Corn Mill & Kirklinton Hall, nr. Brampton: History & Development Proposals

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The former corn mill at Warwick Bridge, 3 miles east of
Warwick Bridge Corn Mill sm
Carlisle, was built in 1839 for the Howard estate. Last in use in the 1970s producing animal feed, it was built as a water-powered mill with a long headrace supplying a substantial iron wheel, 10’ wide and 15’4” in diameter. The main three storey building has the Hurst gearing on the lower ground floor, three pairs of stones and other machinery on the upper ground or middle floor, and a ‘Garner’ top floor store under a pyramidal roof. Alongside is an oat or drying kiln and granary. more...
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