IHBC Annual School 2013: Bursaries

As part of the IHBC's charitable objective to promote education and learning in built and historic environment conservation, we are delighted to be able to offer up to £4000 of funding in the form of bursaries to assist members attending the 2013 Annual School.

Bursary awards are open to all IHBC categories: Full; Affiliate & Associate.

For 2013 we intend to provide up to 7 Annual School bursaries and up to 5 Day School Bursaries, subject to demonstrated needs and competent applications. No match funding is required, but successful applicants must be able to cover their own travel costs to and from Carlisle, and any supplementary accommodation or related needs outside those supported by the bursary.

Each application will be judged on its own merits and assessed in line with the criteria identified below. Applicants are encouraged to submit their bursary application by 31 March at the latest.

If you are applying for a bursary please DO NOT book your place until the result has been notified to you.

To apply
Please email the following details in support of your case to bursaries@ihbc.org.uk
  • Contact details (including IHBC number, alternative email addresses, etc)
  • The personal and professional benefits attached to your attendance, including links to your career plans (for Affiliates and Associates) or CPD form (for Full Members) (see http://www.ihbc.org.uk/join/ed_train/cpd/cpd.html)
  • How your attendance will add value to the event
  • If you are willing to have your award publicised

Branch Bursaries
Contact your branch to see if these are available.