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Heritage Skills Fair Day
Carlisle, 22 June 2013


In June 2013 The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) and the National Heritage Training Group (NHTG) will join in partnership to present a day of heritage skills demonstrations and displays open to public viewing in Carlisle's main civic square.

IHBC’s Annual School on Skills: A civic initiative with the NHTG
The IHBC-NHTG Heritage Skills Fair Day is part of the IHBC's Annual School, a 3-day national conference that will bring together in Carlisle conservation specialists and heritage and construction practitioners from across the United Kingdom and beyond. Here delegates will learn from and about the heritage of Carlisle and Cumbria, and develop skills critical to securing the future of traditional and historic buildings and places.
 Heritage Fair
Heritage Fair
IHBC-NHTG Heritage Skills Fair Day
On Saturday 22 June, as just one part of the IHBC’s Annual School programme, up to ten display stands will host heritage skills activities for public viewing, learning and scrutiny. With experts demonstrating traditional crafts and skills ranging from lead welding and bossing in roofing, to the work of blacksmiths and stone carvers, local people and visitors will be able to view non-specialists as they are shown the basics of rare building and traditional crafts and skills.

Delegates from the IHBC's Annual School will be able to participate in any of the following activities, subject to availability, while passers-by look on, explore, question and learn about the activities, guided by skilled practitioners supported by staff from the North of England Civic Trust and IHBC volunteers.

The activities will take place in the square from 10am to 4pm approx. Taster sessions for School delegates will take place in 2 consecutive sessions, from 10.30 am 12.30 pm, and 2pm to 4pm approx.

Sampler sessions
Lime working - (8 max) Learn about the Lime Cycle; join a lime slake and use lime to point panels of masonry
Pole lathing – (4 max) Make a garden’ dibber’ from green wood using traditional bodging techniques
Blacksmithing – (4 max) Create a key ring using some core blacksmithing skills
Slate and Lead roofing - (8 max) Learn about Lead welding, bossing, slating and tiling
Stone carving - (6 max) Carve a flower onto sandstone using core masonry techniques
Heritage Fair
Event sponsors
The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) is the UK's principal professional body for building conservation practitioners and historic environment specialists:

The National Heritage Training Group is a collective of leading trade, heritage and other bodies that work together to promote traditional building and heritage skills:

The IHBC-NHTG Heritage Skills Fair is organised by the Heritage Skills Initiative of the North of England Civic Trust and supported by Carlisle City Council.

The IHBC-NHTG Heritage Skills Fair is part of the IHBC's 2013 Annual School, which is supported by English Heritage.
Heritage Fair