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General Safety


Safety is paramount. ‘More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else’ (ROSPA Facts and Figures). Attention must be paid to nature of the environment you are working with and the condition of your tools. Preparation is important. Limitations must be respected. There is good advice available online from the Health and Safety Executive. Search the HSE website entering the relevant term as information lies under topic headings. For example, advice on ladders can be found within the topic ‘Work at Height’.

Be aware too that the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires the building owner to provide a safe place and systems of work to its employees, contractors and members of the general public when on their property.

Check the location of your First Aid Box and that its content is up-to-date before embarking on any exploration or work to your building. It may have been raided unbeknown to you for your son’s fancy dress party and that Frankenstein’s monster guise.

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Common sense safety and training
Lead, Lime
Electricity and Gas
Falls of Objects