IHBC Membership Accreditation Training Events (MATE)


Support for accreditation from your professional body

  • Do you want help upgrading your IHBC membership to Associate or Full?

  • Are you unsure where to start with your application?

  • Do you want to get to grips with the IHBC’s Areas of Competences?

MATE seminars offer talks and exercises to break down the application process, exploring the IHBC’s Areas of Competence and Conservation Cycle model, while also answering any queries. This ensures that applicants from any discipline or sector can get a common grounding in how the IHBC assesses interdisciplinary conservation standards in line with established international conservation standards and models, notably ICOMOS.

These events are a great way for prospective applicants to find out how to understand their skills, knowledge and experience in the context of IHBC membership criteria and accreditation.

All this is offered to anyone interested in IHBC membership as part of the IHBC’s charitable support for the care of the built and historic environment. Priority is given to existing IHBC members, Branches, networks and supporters, including commercial practices signed up to our HESPR quality assurance scheme.

Areas of competance

Branch MATE Sessions

Branch MATE sessions offer not only explanations of the process and the Areas of Competence but also the opportunity to speak with other IHBC members to seek their advice and guidance on the application process. The session could be just the help and push you need to finally get on with your application and getting those all-important post nominals.

Areas of competance

Private Sector MATE Sessions

Our private-sector sessions are modelled on Branch-led training events but tailored to respond to the personal experience of the delegates. Designed to introduce the thinking and process to anyone seeking IHBC accreditation, they consist of an introductory talk and mentored exercises. These help attendees feel more comfortable with a process that is for many – as we know from our substantial experience here – a challenging new CPD-experience in its own right.

Private Sector MATE Sessions

Feedback Includes

Alfie Stroud who recently attended one of the London Branch MATE sessions and has successfully attained his Full membership said: ‘The MATE session I attended was encouraging, enlightening and extremely practically helpful. I left the MATE session armed with notes that I would refer to all through the period I was compiling and writing my application, and with confidence that pursuing full membership would be worthwhile. Discussing the application with colleagues from such a range of backgrounds helped me reflect on all the areas of competence and work into my weaker spots – something that’s given more direction to my CPD too. The testimonial application process is challenging and rightly requires real effort, but the chance to reflect on what I know and how I know it was ultimately professionally and personally rewarding: a labour of love!’

‘It was a really helpful and supportive event. I have a much greater understanding of what I need to do to progress to full membership. It has helped me plan targeted CPD to achieve this goal. I found talking to other candidates invaluable and appreciating I’m not the only one with limited experience.

‘It was valuable to realise how varied the interests were and the perception of obstacles in submitting. In part it made it sound more straight-forward.’

Jonathan Smith, Director of Built Heritage at CgMS Limited (part of the RPS Group), said: ‘This was an excellent, bespoke seminar that wholly clarified the process of application for CgMS consultants.’

‘Colleagues with diverse backgrounds and current work specialisms have not only grown the confidence and focus to make their applications, but have been motivated to take up IHBC membership through a full realisation of the benefits.’

Marc Pearson from Woodhall Conservation said: ‘Kate provided an excellent overview of the IHBC application process in a succinct manner. The session alleviated my concerns regarding the content of my membership application and as a result I intend to finalise the submission in the coming weeks.’

Tracey Gullick of Purcell said: ‘I found yesterday’s session most helpful. The application, initially, seems overwhelming but your presentation and breakdown of the process, with a summary of how to approach each section, made an application seem achievable.’ks.’

Andy Towle, of RSK said: ‘The IHBC Membership Seminar was excellent. Kate was very patient with our many questions, and reassuring that our previous professional experience in the heritage sector might be used to demonstrate the competencies required by the application. I would recommend attending these sessions to anyone else considering applying to IHBC but nervous of the application procedure.’

Deborah from Iceni Projects said: ‘I found the MATE session really really useful. All the information is in the guidance document but it becomes so much clearer when a real life person talks you though it!’

Tamsin Cooke said: 'Informative, enjoyable and a good ego boost! Useful meeting others whose experience sounds really valuable, but who also feel they’re just playing a small part in the conservation process. It makes you realise that we all have lots of useful experience up our sleeves, that the roles we play are all important, and that the IHBC believes in us and wants us to do well!'


Email Ramona professional@ihbc.org.uk for further details and booking information.

All open MATE sessions are advertised on our Events Calendar and on our new UK-wide IHBC Branches Update – search the IHBC NewsBlogs

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