Number Title Description Response


Historic England Consultation

25th April 2022


Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Consultation

5th April 2022


Welsh Government Consultation

29th March 2022


Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee Consultation

17th February 2022


Welsh Government Consultation

14th February 2022


Welsh Government Consultation

17th January 2022


Ofcom Consultation

11th January 2022


Department for levelling up, Housing and Communities Consultation

12th November 2021


Department for Communities Consultation

8th November 2021


Church of England Consultation

28th October 2021


Department for Communities Consultation

8th October 2021


British Standards Institute (BSI) Consultation

6th September 2021


Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Consultation

2nd September 2021


Historic England Consultation

3rd June 2021


Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs Consultation

26th May 2021


Historic Environment Scotland Consultation

6th May 2021


Historic Environment Scotland Consultation

6th May 2021


Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

27th April 2021


Historic Scotland Consultation

26th April  2021

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

12th April  2021

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

26th March  2021

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

8th March  2021

Historic England Consultation

3rd March  2021

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

27th January  2021

Historic England Consultation

17th December  2020

Historic England Consultation

17th December  2020

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

29th October  2020

BSI Consultation

27th October  2020

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

28th September  2020

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Consultation

28th September  2020

Commons Select Committee Inquiry into Supporting our high streets after Covid-19

Supporting document

UK Parliament Consultation

14th September  2020

UK Parliament Consultation

24th August 2020

Scotland’s Towns Partnership Consultation

21st August 2020

UK Parliament Consultation

7th August 2020

Welsh Government Consultation

8th June 2020

Welsh Government Consultation

5th June 2020

Historic England consultation

27th May 2020

Historic England consultation

26th May 2020

Scottish Government consultation

8th April 2020

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Consultation

29th January 2020

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Consultation

10th January 2020

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Consultation

4th November 2019

Office for National Statistics Consultation

14th October 2019

Welsh Government Consultation

19th July 2019

Historic England Consultation

19th July 2019

Welsh Government Consultation

19th July 2019

DCMS consultation

10th May 2019

DCMS consultation

7th May 2019

Historic England consultation

20th March 2019

Historic England consultation

19th March 2019

Historic England consultation

11th January 2019

Consultation on PAS 2035
Covering Letter

BSI consultation

24th September 2018

Church of England consultation

6th August 2018

Department of Business, Energy & Industry consultation

26th June 2018

Historic England consultation

17th May 2018

Each Home Counts consultation

10th May 2018

Each Home Counts consultation

23rd April 2018
400 Consultation on Qualifications Wales Report of sector review of qualifications and the qualification system Welsh Government consultation 10th April 2018
399 HLF’s future direction and funding consultation Heritage Lottery Fund consultation 22nd March 2018
398 Planning Law in Wales Law Commission Consultation 1st March 2018
397 Guidance on dealing with Contested Heritage Historic England Consultation 16th February 2018
396 Historic England Guidance: Conservation Principles For the sustainable management of the Historic environment Historic England Consultation 2nd February 2018
395 Written evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Finance and Constitution Committee on the Planning (Scotland) Bill Financial Memorandum Scottish Parliament Consultation 26th January 2018
394 Church Buildings Council Consultation 22nd December 2017
393 Advice Note on Neighbourhood Planning and the Historic Environment Historic England Consultation 15th December 2017
392 Improving the home buying and selling process DCLG consultation 15th December 20017
391 Call for evidence on the reform of the Green Deal Framework Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Consultation 23rd November 2017
390 Streets for All Historic England Consultation 9th November 2017
387 The Raynsford Review of planning Town and Country Planning Association 31st October 2017
386 Culture and the Night-time economy Supplementary Planning Guidance London Assembly Consultation 26th May 2017
385 Historic England Consultation 15th May 2017
384 Housing White Paper; Fixing our Broken Housing Market DCLG consultation 2nd May 2017
383 The Maintenance and Repair of Traditional Farm Buildings: A guide to good practice Historic England Consultation 31st March 2017
382 The Adaptation of Traditional Farm Buildings: Draft Guide to Good Practice (2017); and Historic England: The Adaptive Reuse of Traditional Farm Buildings: Draft Advice Note 9 (2017) Historic England Consultation 31st March 2017
381 Listed Buildings and Curtilage Historic England Consultation 24th March 2017
380 Historic environment Good Practice advice in Planning Note 3 Settings and Views of heritage Assets Historic England Consultation 13th March 2017
379 Historic England Guidance Document BIM for Heritage: Developing a Historic Building Information Model Historic England Consultation 1st March 2017
378 Historic England Historic Area Assessments guidance Historic England Consultation 13th February 2017
375 Each Home Counts: Review of Consumer Advice, Protection, Standards and Enforcement for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy DBEIS consultation 31st January 2017
374 Public consultation on proposals to amend the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) DECC consultation 26th January 2017
373 Call for Evidence for the English Churches and Cathedrals Sustainability Review DCMS consultation 24th January 2017
372 Consultation on a proposal for regulations required by the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and four guidance documents Welsh Government consultation 13th January 2017
371 Heritage 2020 - Consultation 2016 Heritage Alliance consultation 21st December 2016
370 Managing Heritage Assets: A Guide for Local Government Historic England consultation 18th November 2016
369 Specification for the installation of energy efficiency measures (EEM) in existing buildings -
PAS 2030
PAS 2031
BSI consultation

4th November 2016
9th November 2016

368 Planning Law in Wales - Scoping Paper Law Commission consultation 31st October 2016
367 HEF Heritage protection reform proposals The Heritage Alliance consultation 19th September 2016
366 Draft revisions to Planning Policy Wales Chapter 6: The Historic Environment Welsh Government consultation 13th June 2016
365 Durham Castle and Cathedral World Heritage Site management plan Durham World Heritage Site consultation 22nd April 2016
364 Rural Planning: call for evidence DCLG consultation 21st April 2016
363 Upward extension in London DCLG consultation 15th April 2016
362 National Infrastructure Commission National Infrastructure Commission 17th March 2016
361 Consultation on proposed changes to National Planning Policy DCLG consultation 22nd February 2016
360 Wiggin amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill Minister of Sport, Tourism and Heritage 15th February 2016
359 Recording historic graffiti: advice and guidance Historic England consultation 8th February 2016
358 Report of the Church Buildings Review Group Church Buildings Review Group 29th January 2016
357 The Culture White Paper: A contribution to the debate DCMS consultation 18th January 2016
356 The future of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) DCLG consultation 15th January 2016
355 Building Regulations Part R DCLG consultation 11th January 2016
354 Guidance on the use of tactile paving surfaces DoT consultation 6th November 2015
353 Energy and Climate Change Committee - Inquiry on ECCC priorities for holding government to acount - Further evidence Energy and Climate Change Committee consultation 12th October 2015
352 The Traffic Signs Regulations and general directions 2016 DoT consultation 6th October 2015
351 House of Lords Select Committee on national policy for the built environment House of Lords call for evidence 6th October 2015
350 Apprenticeship Levy DBIS consultation 2nd October 2015
349 Energy performance in historic buildings (EN 16883) BSI consultation 11th September 2015
348 Protecting Community Assets (Wales) Welsh Government consultation 11th September 2015
347 Secondary legislation for new development management procedures Welsh Government consultation 11th September 2015

Approving the development of new Apprenticeship Standards (Expressions of Interest):
Wood sector
Master builder with a major in multi-disciplined joinery

DBIS consultation 11th September 2015
345 Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry on Planning and Productivity DCLG consultation 19th August 2015
344 Energy and Climate Change Committee - Inquiry on ECCC priorities for holding government to acount Energy and Climate Change Committee consultation 13th August 2015
343 The Historic Envoronment and site allocation in Local Plans Historic England consultation 1st August 2015
342 Archaeological priority area guidelines Historic England consultation 31st July 2015
341 Strengthening Parish and Town Council accountability DCLG consultation 30th June 2015

Historic Environment (Wales) Bill
Response form

Welsh Government consultation 19th June 2015
339 Reforming local government: Power to local people Welsh Government consultation 29th April 2015
338 Evidence to the SWI Commission DBIS consultation 24th April 2015
337 Making changes to heritage assets (HEAN 2) Historic England Good Practice Consultations 17th April 2015
336 Conservation area designation, appraisal and management (HEAN1)

Historic England Good Practice Consultations

17th April 2015

Section 106 Planning Obligations - Speeding up negotiations
Response form

DCLG consultation 19th March 2015
334 Heritage 2020 Heratage Alliance consultation 12th January 2015
333 Local Development Plans Process Review - Annex 3 Welsh Government consultation 2nd January 2015
332 Future challenges in energy and climate change policy Energy and Climate Change Committee consultation 15th December 2014
331 Consultation on revised Tall Buildings advice English Heritage consultation 30th November 2014
330 Planning and travellers DCLG consultation 23rd November 2014
329 Historic England Draft Corporate Plan (Valuing Our Past,Enriching Our Future) Historic England 12th November 2014
328 DECC’s Review of in use factors: Call for Evidence
Annex: Evidence on performance of traditional solid wall buildings
DECC consultation 5th November 2014
327 White Paper - Reforming Local Government Welsh Government consultation 1st October 2014
326 Technical consultation on planning DCLG consultation 25th September 2014
325 Consultation on historic environment good practice advice in planning English Heritage consultation 5th September 2014
324 Historic Military Aviation Sites, Conservation management guidance English Heritage consultation 15th August 2014
323 Where on earth are we? The role of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) in archaeological field survet (Second edition) English Heritage consultation 8th August 2014
312 Urban characterisation (Wales) Welsh Government consultation 14th July 2014
311 Clause 20 Infrastructure Bill LGA consultation 9th July 2014
310 Theft Offences Sentencing Guidance Consultation Office of the Sentencing Council consultation 26th June 2014
309 Operation of the NPPF DCLG consultation 27th May 2014
308 Welsh planning conditions consultation Welsh Government consultation 25th April 2014
307 Land Registry: Wider Powers and Local Land Charges Land Registry consultation 6th March 2014
306 HS2 Phase One Environmental Statement Department of Transport consultation 27th February 2014
305 Positive Planning - A consultation on proposals to reform the planning system in Wales Welsh Government consultation 27th February 2014
304 The future of local authority archaeology services All-Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group 14th February 2014
303 English Heritage New Model DCMS consulation 7th February 2014
302 Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act: Secondary Legislation to accompany the Heritage Provisions DCMS consultation 27th January 2014
301 Towards a sustainable management of Wales' natural resources Welsh Government consultation 15th January 2014
300 Proposal to establish a combined authority for the area of West Yorkshire DCLG consultation 2nd January 2014

Proposal to establish a combined authority for the area of Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear

DCLG consultation 2nd January 2014
298 Church of England Historic Environment Record (CHER) Church of England consultation 31st December 2013
297 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform DEFRA consultation 28th November 2013
296 Current Green Deal Investigation and Survey All-Party Parliamentary Green Deal Group consultation 18th November 2013
295 Housing Standards Review DCLG consultation 21st October 2013
294 Greater flexibilities for change of use (England) DCMS consultation 15th October 2013
293 The future of our past: Welsh Heritage Bill Welsh Government consultation 11th October 2013
292 Mortars and renders: BS EN 16572 BSI consultation 31st July 2013
291 A Joint Consultation on the Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland and the Merger of Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS). Scottish Government consultation 31st July 2013
290 Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment Review for DCMS 19th July 2013
289 Draft Scottish Planning Policy - Consultation questionaire Scottish Government consultation 12th July 2013
288 NPF 3 Main Issues Report - Consultation questionaire Scottish Government consultation 12th July 2013
287 Draft BS7913 Guide to the Conservation of Heritage Assets
BS7913 template
BSI consultation 31st May 2013
286 Strategic Environmental Assessment: Environmental Report, 2014-2020 Rural Development Plan Welsh Government consultation 22nd May 2013
285 Right to Light Law Commission consultation 16th May 2013
284 BS EN 16515 Characterization of Natural Stone BSI consultation 13th May 2013
283 Environmental permitting (England and Wales) DEFRA consultation 4th April 2013
282 Consultation Questionnaire on Green Deal National Occupational Standards for those working with Older, Traditional and Vulnerable Buildings DECC consultation 28th March 2013

Scotland’s Historic Environment Data (SHED) Strategy

SMR Forum consultation 27th March 2013
280 Proposed changes to siting requirements for broadband cabinets and overhead lines DCMS consultation 13th March 2013
279 Heritage Bill for Wales: Options for the delivery of Local Authority historic environment conservation services in Wales CADW consultation 8th March 2013
278 Red Tape Challenge: Planning administration Cabinet Office consultation 7th March 2013
277 Powers of Entry Code of Practice Home Office consultation 5th March 2013
276 Streamlining the planning application process DCLG consultation 4th March 2013
275 A Sustainable Wales: Better choices for a better future Welsh Government consultation 4th March 2013
274 Review of Planning Practice Guidance DCLG consultation 15th February 2013
273 Scotland’s Traditional Buildings Charter Historic Scotland Consultation 28th January 2013
272 External review of government planning practice guidance: Report submitted by Lord Taylor of Goss Moor - IHBC Memorandum DCLG consultation 18th January 2013
271 Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) review - Priorities for Change Scottish Government Consultation 10th January 2013
270 All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment Inquiry into Sustainable Construction and the Green Deal
Submission letter
IHBC response
Construction Industry Council consultation 7th January 2013

Extending PD rights for homeowners and businesses

DCLG consultation 24th December 2012
268 Technical review of Planning Appeal procedures DCLG consultation 13th December 2012
267 Building Regulations in wales Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) Welsh Government consultation 23rd October 2012
266 Informal Consultation on Sustainable Development Indicators DEFRA consultation 15th October 2012

Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill
IHBC response
BEFS response

Scottish Government Consultation 27th September 2012
264 Statutory Consultee Performance and Award of Costs DCLG consultation 11th September 2012
263 Streamlining information requirements for planning applications DCLG consultation 11th September 2012
262 Consultation on a Policy on Architecture & Placemaking for Scotland 2012 Scottish Government Consultation 6th September 2012

Improving Listed Building Consent
IHBC response
Appendix A: The Context for Skills, Education and Training
APPENDIX A1: Conservation skill, IHBC Yearbook 2011
Appendix B: IHBC Briefing Note 2011

DCMS consultation 23rd August 2012
260 Briefing Paper & Questionnaire for Members of Link and the Heritage Alliance Law Commission Project on Conservation Covenants Law Commission consultation 30th July 2012
259 EeBGuide EeBGuide Consultation 30th July 2012
258 Planning Act 2008 - Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Suite of Guidance Documents for the major Infrastructure Planning Regime DCLG consultation 6th July 2012
257 Inquiry into the Welsh Govenment's Historic Environment Policy Welsh Government consultation 29th June 2012
256 The Town and Country Planning (Scotland) General Permitted Development Amendment Order 2012 Scottish Government Consultation 19th June 2012
255 Sustaining a Living Wales Welsh Government consultation 29th May 2012
254 VAT: Addressing Borderline Anomalies HMRC Consultation 18th May 2012
253 English Heritage improvement plan for planning services English Heritage consultation 30 April 2012
252 Permit Scheme Approval process Permit Scheme Approval Process Consultation 25th April 2012
251 Apprenticeships in Wales Welsh Government consultation 17th April 2012
250 Research to Identify where support is required English Heritage consultation 13th April 2012
249 European Regional Development fund DCLG consultation 12th April 2012
248 Inquiry into European Regional Development Fund DCLG consultation 12th April 2012
247 Liberalising the regime for flying flags DCLG consultation 28th March 2012
246 Preventing Polution Pays Environment Agency consultation 23rd March 2012
245 Underground storage tanks Environment Agency consultation 23rd March 2012
244 Building Capabilities for Impact and Legacy Cabinet Office Consultation 9th March 2012
243 Revision of Chapter 7 of Planning Policy Wales – Supporting the Economy Welsh Government consultation 5th March 2012
242 Recommendations (draft) for the Skills Strategy 2012-2017 CITB Construction Skills consultation 20th February 2012
241 Consultation on the IfA standard and guidance for archaeological advice by historic environment services Institute for Archaeologists consultation 17th February 2012
240 Artificial Light Statutory Nuisance DEFRA consultation 17th February 2012

Strategic Monitoring Framework for Wales

Strategic Monitoring Framework for Wales - Questionnaire

Welsh Government consultation 27th January 2012
238 Proposals for new neighbourhood planning regulations DCLG consultation 27th January 2012
237 National Heritage Protection Plan English Heritage consultation 27th January 2012
236 Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation DCLG consultation 30th December 2011
235 Property Factors (Scotland) Act Scottish Government Consultation 16th December 2011
234 Historic Scotland Corporate Plan 2012-2015 Consultation Response Historic Scotland 2nd November 2011
233 Managing Change in the Historic Environment update Scottish Government Consultation 4th November 2011
232 Consultation on a Construction Skills Strategy 2012 – 2017
National submission
Scotland Branch submission
CITB consultation 31st October 2011
231 PAS 2030 – Improving the efficiency of existing buildings BSI consultation 25th October 2011
230 Gifts of Pre-eminent Objects and Works of Art to the Nation Consultation on gifts of pre-eminent objects 22nd September 2011
229 National Planning Policy Framework Practioners Advisory Group Consultation 30th June 2011
228 A New Era for the Waterways NWC Consultation 30th June 2011
227 Relaxation of Planning Rules for Change of Use from Commercial to Residential DCLG Consultation 28th June 2011
226 The Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2011
Consultation on Draft Regulations
Historic Scotland Consultation 14th June 2011
225 Historic Scotland and English Heritage draft Accreditation Protocol ICOMOS Consultation 14th June 2011
224 Conservation of Cultural Property - main general Terms and Definitions Concerning Conservation of Cultural Property Building Research Establishment Consultation 14th June 2011
223 Realising the Benefits of Planning-led Investigation in the Historic Environment: A framework for delivering the requirements of PPS5 The Southport Group 13th June 2011
222 Historic Battlefields Cadw, Welsh Assembly Government Consultation 10th June 2011
221 Response to the Regeneration Discussion Paper: Building a Sustainable Future: Built Environment for Scotland Consultation 9th June 2011
220 The Future of VAT European Commission Consultation 31st May 2011
219 Good Practice Guide for Local Listing English Heritage Consultation 13th May 2011
218 Priority Regulatory Outcomes Priority Regulatory Outcomes
6th May 2011
217 Draft PPS 23 – Enabling Development DoE Northern Ireland Consultation 5th May 2011
216 Proposals to Introduce a Community Right to Buy DCLG Consultation 2nd May 2011
215 Shaping the future – for heritage, for everyone
IHBC Scotland response
IHBC national response
HLF Consultation 26th April 2011
214 Review of Statutory Duties Placed on Local Government DCLG Consultation 25th April 2011
213 Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry into Regeneration DCLG Consultation 18th March 2011
212 Changes to the Contaminated Land Regime DEFRA consultation 15th March 2011
211 Changes to the Contaminated land Regime under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 DEFRA consultation 15th March 2011
210 Changes to the Contaminated land Regime under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Welsh Assembly Government Consultation 15th March 2011
209 Building Resilience to Climate Change Welsh Assembly Government Consultation 14th March 2011
208 Keeping Scotland Safe: The Building Repairs (Scotland) Bill Scottish Government Consultation 11th March 2011
207 Managing Change in the Historic Environment: Historic Battlefields Historic Scotland Consultation 9th March 2011
206 EcoBuild on-line consultation DEFRA Consultation 24th February 2011
205 Proposed Changes to Householder Permitted Development Rights Welsh Assemby Government Consultation 15th February 2011
204 The National Heritage Protection Plan English Heritage Consultation 15th February 2011
203 Inventory of Historic Battlefields Historic Scotland Consultation 10th February 2011
202 Proposals for changes to Planning Applications Fees in England DCLG Consultation 7th January 2011
201 Householder Permitted Development Rights Scottish Government Consultation 21st December 2010
200 Tree Preservation Orders: Proposals for Streamlining TPO Consultation 18th December 2010
199 Planning for Schools Development DCLG
9th December 2010
198 Public Services Ombusman Consultation Law Commission Consultation 3rd December 2010
197 The Setting of Heritage Assets: English Heritage Guidance English Heritage Consultation 26th November 2010
196 The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2010 DCLG consultations 25th October 2010
195 Marine Policy Statement DEFRA consultation 13th October 2010
194 The Marine Planning System DEFRA consultation 13th October 2010
193 Resourcing a High Quality Planning System Scottish Government Consultation 5th October 2010
192 PD Rights for Microgeneration Equipment on non-domestic Properties Scottish Government Consultation 5th October 2010
191 Regional Growth Fund Growth Fund Consultation 6th September 2010
190 Consultation on a Thematic Research Strategy for the Urban Historic Environment English Heritage consultation 29th September 2010
189 Consultation on a Thematic Research Strategy for Prehistory English Heritage consultation 29th September 2010
188 Consultation on a Thematic Research Strategy for the Historic Industrial Environment English Heritage consultation 29th September 2010
187 Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill Written evidence submitted on behalf of the members of Built Environment Forum Scotland Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee
Scottish Parliament
20th August 2010
186 Functional Map for Place-Making Pye Tait Consulting 31st August 2010
185 Consultation on National Lottery Appotionment
IHBC National response
IHBC Scotland Branch
DCMS consultation 16th August 2010
184 Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance CADW consultation 29th July 2010
183 Draft BS EN 16096 Conservation of Cultural Property -Condition Survey of immovable heritage British Standards Institute consultation 29th July 2010
182 Draft BS EN 15759-1 Conservation of Cultural Property - Indoor climate
Part 1: Heating Places of Worship
British Standards Institute consultation 16th July 2010
181 Microgeneration and low carbon energy technologies Welsh Assembly consultation 3rd July 2010
180 National Heritage Protection Plan English Heritage consultation 30th June 2010
179 New Policy document for Planning Obligations DCLG consultation 17th June 2010
178 PREN 15898 Conservation of Cultural Property - Main General Terms and Definitions Concerning Conservation of Cultural property Building Research Establishment Consultation 15th June 2010
177 The Future of Urban Transport DoT consultation 3rd June 2010
176 Biodiversity and Geological Conservation DEFRA consultation 2nd June 2010
175 Planning for a natural and healthy environment DCLG consultation 1st June 2010
174 Planning for a low carbon future in a changing climate DCLG consultation 1st June 2010
173 Consultation on extending Permitted Development Rights for domestic micro-wind turbines and air-source heat pumps Directorate for the Built Environment
The Scottish Government
21st April 2010
172 Consultation on Death Certification, Burial and Cremation Chief Medical Officer and Public Health Division, Edinburgh 21st April 2010
171 Development Management: proactive planning from pre-application to delivery DCLG Consultation 19th March 2010
170 Improving the use and discharge of Planning Consent DCLG Consultation 19th March 2010
169 Improving engagement by statutory and non-statutory consultees DCLG Consultation 19th March 2010
168 Model Planning Conditions Planning Inspectorate  19th March 2010
167 National Enforcement Priorities Department for Public Services and Performance,
Welsh Assembly Government
23rd February 2010
166 Draft national Policy Statement for Energy Infrastructure OPM consultation 22nd February 2010
165 Incentivising Rural Affordable Housing Affordable Housing Division 16th February 2010
164 Draft National Policy Statement for ports DoT consultation 15th February 2010
163 Penfold review of non-planning consents Department of Business, Innovation and Skills 10th February 2010
162 Permitted Development rights for small scale renewable and low carbon energy technologies, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure DCLG consultation 9th February 2010
161 Vision for National Parks: Government priorities Landscape Conservation Team DEFRA 5th February 2010
160 Permitted Development Rights for Domestic Micro-Wind Turbines and Air-Source Heat Pumps Consultation Directorate for the Built Environment - The Scottish Government 29th January 2010
159 Traffic signs (amendment) regulations and general directions (TSRGD) 2010 Department of Transport Consultation 24th December 2009
158 Managing Change in the Historic Environment Leaflet Series Historic Scotland Consultation 11th December 2009
157 Understanding Place - Historic Area Assessments: Principles and Practice English Heritage consultation 25th November 2009
156 Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance (Wales) CADW consultation 1st November 2009
155 PPS 15 PLANNING FOR THE HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT Incorporating views from The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and The Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation (IHBC) DCLG Consultation 1st November 2009
154 Publicity for Planning Applications DCLG Consultation 21st October 2009
153 Community Infrastructure Levy DCLG Consultation 21st October 2009
152 Streamlining Information Requirements for Planning Applications DCLG Consultation 21st October 2009
151 Improving Permitted Development DCLG Consultation 21st October 2009
150 TAN6 Planning for sustainable rural communities Welsh Assembly Government Consultation 16th October 2009
149 Development and Coastal Change DCLG Consultation 10th October 2009
148 Examination Procedures for nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects DCLG Consultation 1st October 2009
147 Coastal Change Policy DEFRA consultation 28th September 2009
146 Parts L & F of the Building Regulations DCLG Consultation 17th September 2009
145 Greater Flexibility for Planning Permissions DCLG Consultation 13th August 2009
144 Removal of the Duty of Planning Authorities to Notify Historic Scotland on Certain Types of LBC Applications Historic Scotland Consultation 13th August 2009
143 The Ancient Monuments and Listed Buildings (Amendment) (Scotland) Draft Bill
IHBC response

Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) Joint response
Historic Scotland Consultation 13th August 2009
142 Archives for the 21st century The National Archives consultation 12th August 2009
141 TAN22: Planning for sustainable buildings Welsh Assembly Govenment consultation 31st July 2009
140 Planning for prosperous economies DCLG Consultation 28th July 2009
139 Large Digital Screens English Heritage Consultation 27th July 2009
138 Flood Water management Bill DEFRA Consultation 24th July 2009
137 A Safer Way: Consultation on making Britain's roads the safest in the world Road Safety Consultation 14th July 2009
136 Delivering marine conservation and zones and European Marine Sites Marine Diversity Team Consultation 12th July 2009
135 Working together to protect crowded places & Safer Places: A counter-terrorism suplment Home Office Consultation 10th July 2009
134 Draft guidance on temporary structures for events English Heritage Consultation 26th June 2009
133 Consultation on Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) Consultative Draft SPP Consultation 22nd June 2009
132 Pre-application consultation and application procedures for nationally significant infrastructure projects DCLG Consultation 19th June 2009
131 INSPIRE DEFRA consultation 25th May 2009
130 Choosing sites for nuclear power stations Department of Energy and Climate Change 14th May 2009
129 Heat and Energy Saving Strategy Department of Energy and Climate Change 8th May 2009
128 Draft Eco-Towns PPS DCLG consultation 29th April 2009
127 Statutory Consultees for national Policy Statements DCLG consultation 19th April 2009
126 Future Landscapes Natural England Consultation 27th March 2009
125 Designing Streets Transport Admin. Team, The Scottish Government Consultation 23rd March 2009
124 Definition of zero carbon homes and non-domestic buildings DCLG consultation 19th March 2009
123 Consultation on Householder Permitted Rights Directorate for the Built Environment,
The Scottish Government
13th March 2009
122 Delivering a sustainable transport system DaSTS consultation 26th February 2009
121 World Heritage for the Nation: Identifying, Protecting and Promoting our World Heritage DCMS consultation 23rd February 2009
120 Towards a nuclear national policy statement DBERR consultation 28th October 2008
119 Transforming Places

Response proforma
DCLG consultation 30th October 2008
118 Proposed Changes to PPS6 DCLG consultation 26th September 2008
117 Our Seas DEFRA Consultation 11th September 2008
116 The third sector partnership board consultation DCLG consultation 11th September 2008
115 Ensuring the sustainable management and conservation of wildlife DEFRA Consultation 21st September 2008
114 The role of Regional Development Agencies DCLG consultation 17th September 2008
113 Part L of the Building Regulations DCLG consultation 19th August 2008
112 Updating the scope and membership of the railway heritage committee Department of Transport consultation 28th August 2008
111 Protection of World Heritage Sites DCLG consultation 22nd August 2008

Technical Advice Note 12: Design Update

Welsh Assembly Government Consultation

6th August 2008
109 Supplementary response to the draft Heritage protection Bill: Conservation Areas Incorporating views from the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and The Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation (IHBC)

DCMS Consultation
5th August 2008
108 Eco-towns: living a greener future DCLG consultation 17th June 2008
107 Draft Heritage Protection Bill Response   24th June 2008
106 Prosperous Places: Taking forward the review of sub-national economic development and regeneration Sub-national review BERR  
105 The Welsh Historic Environment: Towards a strategic statement (Draft) Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales 13th June 2008
104 The future of Building Control DCLG Consultation 9th June 2008
103 Insurance guidance leaflet for historic buildings English Heritage Consultation 2nd June 2008
102 Scottish Planning Policy 23 - Planning and the Historic Environment (SPP23) Directorate for the Built Environment The Scottish Government 7th May 2008
101 Consultation on PD rights for domestic micro regeneration equipment Directorate for the Built Environment The Scottish Government 6th May 2008
100 Consultation on strategic environmental assessment scoping report for the proposed national policy statement for new nuclear power Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Consultation 21st April 2008
099 Proposals for the historic building grant-aid scheme Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service Consultation 21st April 2008
098 The National Planning Framework 2: Discussion Draft National Planning Framework Team Directorate for the Built Environment The Scottish Government 11th April 2008
097 Review of call-in directions DCLG Consultation 31st March 2008
096 PPS  4: Planning for sustainable economic development DCLG Consultation 19th March 2008
095 Draft cultural property (armed conflicts) bill DCMS Consultation 19th March 2008
094 The disposal of historic assets: Guidance note for government departments and non-departmental public bodies Government Historic Estates Consultation 7th March 2008
093 Consultation on the promotion of energy end-use efficiency and energy services DEFRA Consultation 6th March 2008
092 Inquiry into the skills capacity within local government to deliver sustainable communities DCLG Consultation 27th February 2008
091 Expansion of Heathrow DFT Consultation 27th February 2008
090 Tree Preservation Orders: Improving proceedures DCLG Consultation 19th February
089 Streamlining Local Development Frameworks DCLG Consultation 19th February 2008
088 Beyond the Scottish Burgh Survey Historic Scotland Consultation 15th February 2008
087 New Place Survey DCLG Consultation 8th February 2008
086 Proposed Amendments to the EIA Regulations DCLG Consultation 1st February 2008
085 Housing and Planning Delivery Grant DCLG Consultation 18th January 2008
084 Planning Bill DCLG Consultation 10th January 2008
083 The use of non-compliant paints for historic buildings DEFRA Consultation 10th December 2007
082 Scoping Study on the Socio-Economic Benefits of Heritage in the National Parks
IHBC reply
NP Briefing note
National Park scoping study  
081 Modernising empty property relief DCLG Consultation 2/10/07
080 Existing housing stock and climate change Select Committee Enquiry 2/10/07
079 The future of the IFA Institute of Field Archaeologists consultation 25/09/07
078 Delivering Housing and Regeneration:
Communities England and the Future of Social Housing Legislation
DCLG Consultation 10/09/07
077 Planning White Paper DCLG Consultation 16/07/07
076 Planning Performance Agreements: A New Way to Manage Large-Scale Major Planning Applications DCLG Consultation 16/07/07
075 Planning Fees in England - Proposals for Change DCLG Consultation 16/07/07
074 Changes to Permitted Development DCLG Consultation 16/07/07
073 Improving the Appeal Process in the Planning System DCLG Consultation 16/07/07
072 Draft Rural Development Programme for England 2007-2013 DEFRA Consultation 04/07/07
071 Permitted Development Rights for Householder Microgeneration DCLG Consultation 26/06/07
070 Heritage Protection for the 21st Century - White Paper

Appendix 1 - Heritage: Social, Economic, & Environmental Benefits

Appendix 2 - Protecting, preserving and making accessible our nation's heritage
Incorporating views from the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and The Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation (IHBC)

DCMS cover letter

CADW cover
DCMS Consultation   01/06/07
069 Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance for the Sustainable Management of the Historic Environment Consultation EH Consultation 11/05/07
068 Building a Greener Future: towards zero carbon development DCLG Consultation 08/03/07
067 Planning Policy Statement: Planning and Climate Change - Supplement to Planning Policy Statement 1 DCMS Consultation 06/02/07
065 Caring for Our Collections CMS Consultation

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064 Response to the Barker II Interim Report HM Treasury Consultation 25/09/06
063 Barker Review of Land Use Planning HM Treasury Consultation 03/06
062 Listed Buildings Casework: A consultation paper ODPM Consultation 24/05/06
061 DEFRA Consultation 2007-2013 Rural Development Programme for England DEFRA Consultation 15/03/06
060 Conservation Principles for the Sustainable Management of the Historic Environment EH Consultation 21/03/06
059 Consultation on National Lottery money for arts and film, heritage and sport from 2009 Response Covering Letter 6 27/02/06
058 Planning-gain Supplement (PGS): Consultation HM Treasury Consultation 27/02/06
057 Protecting, preserving and making accessible our nation's heritage CMS Consultation 06/02/06
057 English Heritage Research Strategy 2005-2010 EH Consultation 31/01/06
056 The Planning Reform (Northern Ireland) Order Consultation 23/12/05 21/12/05
055 Review of Public Administration   18/10/05 
054 Revisions to Principles of Selection for Listing Buildings: Planning Policy Guidance Note 15  DCMS Consultation 18/10/05 
053 RICS Asset Management Guidelines RICS Consultation 2/09/05
052 Royal Commission Study on the Urban Environment Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Consultation 6
051 Standard Application Form ODPM Consultation 27/06/05
050 Changes to the Development Control System DCMS Consultation 21/02/05
049 Asset Management in Local Government RICS Draft Guidelines RICS Consultation 12/01/05
048 Heritage Regeneration and Funding DCMS Consultation 16/12/04
047 NHBC Standards for Conversions and Renovations (Draft)   9/12/04
046 Culture at the Heart of Regeneration DCMS Consultation 30/09/04
045 Planning Officers Society - Policies for Spatial Plans   29/09/04
044 The Future of Local Government Local Government Strategy Unit 17/09/04
043 Best Value Performance Indicators 2005/2006 ODPM Consultation 27/08/04
042 Regional Aid 2007-2013
(Initial Comments)
DTI Consultation (25/6/04)
041 Review of British Waterways DEFRA 9/7/04
040 Local Transport Note 1/04 on Walking and Cycling Dept of Transport
039 Consultation on draft guidance and regs from Part 8 of The Planning Compulsarory Purchase Act 2004. ODPM Consultation
038 The Future of Ecclesiastical Exemption DCMS Consultation 20/05/04
037 Heritage Counts 2003 The Economic Power of Conservation (refered to in IHBC response) EH Consultation 27/2/04
036 Planning Policy Statement 1: Creating Sustainable Communities
PPS1: Supplementary Submission
ODPM Consultation
035 Review of Planning Appeals Procedures ODPM Consultation 11/2/04
034 Best Value Indicators and Performance Standards 2004/05 ODPM Consultation 27/1/04
033 PPS 6 - Town Centres ODPM Consultation 18/2/04
032 NMR Review English Heritage 18/2/04
031 Easy Access to Historic Properties

030 Local Development Frameworks - draft guidance ODPM Consultation
029 Draft PPS11 - Regional Planning ODPM Consultation
028 Draft PPS7 - Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

027 Draft PPS22 - renewable Energy

026 Part L - possible standards
025 Egan - Skills Review ODPM consultation 27/11/03
024 Egan - pre-consultation ODPM consultation 23/09/03
023 Empty Homes: Temporary Management, Lasting Solutions ODPM consultation 22/08/03
022 Historic Environment Records: Benchmarking for Good Practice DCMS consultation 27/11/03
021 Protecting the Historic Environment: Making the System Work Better CMS consultation document on heritage protection 28/10/03
020 National Lottery Funding Decision Document DCMS document on changes to lottery funding 15/9/03
019 On the Move by Foot Dept. of Transport Consultation on Walking 29/08/03
018 Unification of Planning Consent Regimes ODPM Study 28/05/03
017 A Modern Regional Policy for the United Kingdom Treasury, DTI and ODPM consultation 0
016 Satellite Dishes and Other Antennas: Consultation on possible changes to planning regulations ODPM review of planning regulations 0
015 Electronic Communication Services (Broadband). ODPM review of Building Regulations 0
014 Review of Planning Policy on Tourism ODPM consultation on replacement for PPG21 0
013 Review of Agri-Environment Schemes in England DEFRA consultation 27/02/2003
012 State of the Historic Environment Report 2002 English Heritage Report 24/02/2003
011 Review of Lottery Funding DCMS consultation document on lottery funding 25/10/2002
010 Review of the Planning Enforcement System ODPM consultation document on enforcement. 20/12/2002
009 CPO draft Circular ODPM draft circular - guidance on CPOs 25/10/2002
008 Draft Local Government Bill ODPM draft Local Government Bill 04/09/2002
007 Part M (Access) Building Regulations ODPM draft Part M 27/11/2002
006 Sustainable Services CIBSA Guide to sustainable services 12/08/2002
005 Making the Most of our Civic Heritage English Heritage 23/08/2002
004 People and Places - Social Inclusion Policy for the Built and Historic Environment Draft policy document issued by the DCMS  
003 Your Region, Your Choice - Revitalising the English Regions, White Paper Regional White Paper 23/08/2002
002 Rural Revival LGA inquiry into regeneration of rural areas 18/07/2002
001 Charging for Listed Building Consent Responding to comments by Regeneration Minister, Sally Keeble 20/06/2002