IHBC 2020 Yearbook

94 The Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineers A rigorous assessment that yields structural and civil engineers who are sensitive to the historic environment Visit www.ice.org.uk and search ‘conservation’ to download the register 96214 Please reproduce the advertisement/s on this page AS IS / AS ALTERED BY ME on this page in ink, in the IHBC members’ journal CONTEXT 162 SIZES: Quarter page portrait 86mm width x 124mm height Half page portrait 86mm width x 254mm height Half page landscape 178mm width x 124mm height Full page A4 portrait with bleed 216mm width x 303mm height (text area 178mm width x 277mm height) Signature/Name/Company Date Please reply to: Cathedral Communications Limited, High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6HA Telephone: 01747 871717 Fax: 01747 871718 We maintain a register of architects who demonstrate skills and competency in building conservation, to protect the historic built environment E administrator@aabc-register.co.uk T 0161 832 0666 W www.aabc-register.co.uk Please contact Cathedral Communications for advertising or subscription information for the next edition. 01747 871717 admin@buildingconservation.com www.buildingconservation.com THE BUI LDING CONSERVATION DIRECTORY 28th EDITION BUILDING CONSERVATION RESOURCE CENTRE Since 1993, this directory has been the leading source of information for the care and conservation of the historic built environment in the United Kingdom. The directory and its website www.buildingconservation.com are used daily by thousands of active specifiers for new ideas and sources of specialist products and services for historic homes, buildings, churches and monuments in their care.