IHBC 2020 Yearbook

IHBC’S 2020 VIRTUAL SCHOOL Old Towns | New Futures Heritage Reflections and Speculations from a Global Pandemic Friday 19 June 2020 #IHBCVirtualSchool2020 virtualschool2020.ihbc.org.uk Up to 4 hours intensive online engagement, including interactive sessions, expert-led discussion, polls and Q&A, PLUS pre-School and after-School CPD resources and support • Understand and explore heritage issues from and beyond a global pandemic • Morning and afternoon ‘Virtual School’ sessions featuring recorded presentations and interactive interrogations • Leading experts reflecting on existing heritage thinking, under the pandemic • International authorities speculating on heritage impacts and planning, beyond the pandemic • Speakers to include heritage-aware leads from government, education, architecture, economics, politics etc. • Content advised, led and challenged by experienced conservation practitioners • Up to 4 hours CPD in ‘virtual’ sessions plus online resource options to extend CPD hours • IHBC’s support and guidance in engaging with unfamiliar ‘Virtual School’ tools • After-School feedback, including reports and responses Principal Sponsor ■ 2021 Brighton ■ 2022 Aberdeen ■ 2023 Swansea ANNUAL SCHOOL