IHBC 2020 Yearbook

25 www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeologyse Historic building recording, surveys and impact assessments Research & historical analysis A wide range of integrated specialist services Over 35 years of experience Reliable professional heritage solutions Archaeology South-East 2 Chapel Place, Por tslade, East Sussex, BN41 1DR, 01273 426830 Sussex London Essex Independent Heritage and Planning Specialists We work on a wide spectrum of projects across all building sectors from residenƟal and commercial to educaƟon and ecclesiasƟcal. 07507734030 info@brighterplanning.co.uk www.brighterplanning.co.uk Achieving ambitions for the historic environment Heritage We can help you with: • Heritage statements • Due diligence and asset management • Heritage townscape and visual impact • Appeal representation • Listing representation and rebuttals • Heritage and design advocacy Please contact: Paul Crisp Head of Heritage +44 (0)7885 820 800 paul.crisp@eu.jll.com jll.co.uk/en/client-stories/chrisp-street-market