IHBC Yearbook 2017

4 Y E A R B O O K 2 0 1 7 WHAT IS THE IHBC? The Institute of Historic Building Conservation is the principal body in the United Kingdom representing professionals and specialists involved in the conservation and preservation of the built and historic environment. Our members include architects, architectural historians and researchers, conservation officers in central and local government, planners, surveyors, structural engineers and other specialist practitioners, including curators, conservators and craftspeople. The benefits of membership include: ! news updates (NewsBlogs) ! Context, IHBC’s journal ! IHBCYearbook ! The Building Conservation Directory and other conservation publications from Cathedral Communications ! events: reduced rates and priority access (as applicable) ! job notices (IHBC Jobs etc) ! technical support and guidance ! national, regional and web-based advice and advisory panels ! tax relief on subscriptions (incomerelated) ! access to business support and listings including (for full members) membership of IHBC’s Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition (HESPR) scheme (see page 44) ! guidance on project development ! career advice and support ! training and CPD events, including IHBC annual schools ! networking opportunities, including local branches ! participation and CPD opportunities in panels and groups ! access to advocacy and lobbying ! participation in supporting IHBC’s wider public services: - web-based resources - sector consultations service - volunteering opportunities - awards (IHBC Gus Astley Student Award and Marsh Awards) - partnerships across built sector interests. The institute’s charitable purpose is to promote for the benefit of the public: ! the conservation and enhancement of the historic environment in the United Kingdom (including offshore islands) ! the highest standards of professional skills in this field ! the education and training of professionals and specialists responsible for such work. The IHBC’s operations are planned in accordance with the three objects listed in its current Corporate Plan (see website for details): ! helping people by promoting the conservation and management of historic places as a unique and evolving resource for people, both today and in the future ! helping conservation by supporting specialists, specialisms and specialist interests across all conservation-related activities, because effective conservation demands skilled care ! helping conservation specialists by supporting, encouraging and challenging IHBC members and prospective members, because conservation specialists work most effectively with coordination, advice, inspiration and scrutiny provided by an informed professional body.