IHBC Yearbook 2021

6 Y E A R B O O K 2 0 2 1 STRUCTURE OF THE IHBC As modified by the Articles of Association adopted 3 December 2020 BOARD OF TRUSTEES With legal responsibilities for the IHBC, managing its affairs in accordance with the Articles of Association DAVID McDONALD Chair chair@ihbc.org.uk LONE LE VAY Vice Chair vchair@ihbc.org.uk JO EVANS Secretary ihbcsecretary@ihbc.org.uk JILL KERRY Treasurer treasurer@ihbc.org.uk ANDREW SHEPHERD Membership Secretary membership@ihbc.org.uk ROY LEWIS Policy Secretary policy@ihbc.org.uk DAVE CHETWYN Communications & Outreach Secretary communications@ihbc.org.uk ALISON DAVIDSON South branch south@ihbc.org.uk CRISPIN EDWARDS North West branch northwest@ihbc.org.uk JOHN EDWARDS Wales branch wales@ihbc.org.uk KEN MOORE N Ireland branch northernireland@ihbc.org.uk SHEILA STONES London branch london@ihbc.org.uk ROSEMARY THOMPSON E Midlands branch eastmids@ihbc.org.uk COUNCIL Representing the interests of members and the branches, and helping to set strategic objectives and issues of policy MIKE BROWN, President president@ihbc.org LUCIE CARAYON, Vice President vicepresident@ihbc.org.uk (Full details of council membership have yet to be established) COMMITTEES, PANELS and WORKINGGROUPS Reporting to Board of Trustees and to Council MEMBERSHIP & ETHICS COMMITTEE Chair, Andrew Shepherd membership@ihbc.org.uk POLICY COMMITTEE Chair, Roy Lewis policy@ihbc.org.uk EDUCATION, TRAINING, STANDARDS COMMITTEE Chair, Chris Wood education@ihbc.org.uk COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH COMMITTEE Chair, Dave Chetwyn communications@ihbc.org.uk TECHNICAL PANEL Chair, John Edwards technical@ihbc.org.uk GREEN PANEL Chair, Crispin Edwards green@ihbc.org.uk LEGAL PANEL Chair, Lone Le Vay law@ihbc.org.uk CONSULTATIONS PANEL Convenor, Fiona Newton projects@ihbc.org.uk RURAL PANEL Chair, vacant rural@ihbc.org.uk + WORKING GROUPS CONSULTING, ADVISING AND REPORTING CONSULTING, ADVISING AND REPORTING CONSULTING, ADVISING AND REPORTING CONSULTING, ADVISING AND REPORTING INFORMING AND CONSULTING INFORMING AND CONSULTING NATIONAL OFFICE Staff and consultants that support the day to day running of IHBC SEAN O’REILLY Director director@ihbc.org.uk FIONA NEWTON Operations Director consultations@ihbc.org.uk LYDIA PORTER Admin & Company Secretary admin@ihbc.org.uk CARMEN MORAN Membership Services Officer membershipservices@ ihbc.org.uk MICHAEL NETTER Professional Services Officer services@ihbc.org.uk RAMONA USHER Professional Development Officer professional@ihbc.org.uk CONSULTING, ADVISING AND REPORTING