IHBC Yearbook 2021

For further information please contact us: T: 01347 838881 Search: York Handmade Brick E: sales@yorkhandmade.co.uk @yorkhmadebrick SENSITIVELY PRESERVING BRITAIN’S BUILT HERITAGE York Handmade Brick is an award-winning UK based manufacturer of genuine handmade clay bricks, pavers, special shapes and terracotta floor tiles, which are perfect for recreating building tradition in a modern environment. York Handmade has a proud record of success in the annual BDA Brick Awards competition. It was the overall winner with St Brigid’s Church in 1995 and has continued along that route for the past 25 years. Some highlights have been the Belvedere, in Queen Elizabeth’s garden at Dumfries House, Scotland pictured above and more recently, the new Central Library and Archive in Halifax, as well as the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre in Oxford. These schemes just illustrate the diversity of the projects with which York Handmade is involved, due to the company’s ability to produce colours, shapes and sizes to suit most requirements.