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IHBC’s 2022 School’s Heritage MarketPlace offers ‘virtual stalls’ to showcase stallholders’ own services, knowledge, learning and advocacy, on 15 June 2022 to IHBC 2022 Aberdeen School delegates and networks.

  • Only £100+VAT (reductions available*)
  • Catch the eye and shape the knowledge of IHBC 2022 Aberdeen School delegates as they join locally, from across the UK, and even across the globe (2020 day-long School equivalent secured c.300 unique delegates)
  • Access connections to extensive and diverse IHBC networks through the promotion of the 2022 School and linked Heritage Marketplace
  • Hosting 2×30 mins ‘stall’ sessions on 18 June lets stallholders offer visiting delegates specialist learning tied to services and/or agendas (including advocacy), all at minimal cost and effort (sessions typically repeated)
  • 7+ month IHBC 2022 School web presence (depending on stall purchase date) ensures profile and access outside the School event
  • IHBC training, guidance and support included
  • £100+VAT, includes IHBC 2022 Day School place (valued at £35+VAT)
  • Reductions available: *10% IHBC HESPR members and IHBC Recognised Course Providers; 5% CPD Providers

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Stallholders: Secure access to IHBC School and networks

  • Apply to rent an IHBC Heritage MarketPlace stall, starting with the online application using this FORM
  • Registration is subject to IHBC quality assurance and is represented by publication on the Stallholder Listing
  • Attend one or more IHBC Heritage MarketPlace support training and support sessions (optional)
  • Devise the format and content of a 30-minute stall session, including stall representative(s). A typical format might include 15 minutes of the CPD/learning opportunity, followed by a mix of questions, discussion and networking. Popular presentation formats may include any of the following:
    • Demonstrations
    • Training sessions
    • Cases studies
    • Workshops
    • Videos/Films/Powerpoint
    • 1-2-1 advice
  • Submit final CPD description for publication on the Stallholder Listing
  • Arrange virtual stall for School delegates with IHBC:
    • Zoom sessions (Recorded): Strict maximum settings of 30 minutes and 25 people. Recommended maximum of 25 minutes and 20 people.
  • Make the most of IHBC School networks and opportunities:
    • Promote Stall learning, services and networks, using social media and other links, before, during and after the stall sessions
    • Respond to delegate, user and network enquiries during the IHBC’s School and Heritage MarketPlace promotion (February on)
    • During stall sessions, ensure that visiting delegates can build relationships with stallholders AFTER the sessions close.

IHBC: Manages and promotes the Heritage MarketPlace
  • Support stallholders with training & guidance sessions
  • Integrate stalls into promotion and delivery of the IHBC 2022 Aberdeen School and Heritage MarketPlace programme (16-18 June 2022 and after (subject to pandemic constraints)) (NB: 2020 ‘School’ secured c.300 unique delegates across c.600 places)
  • Manages Heritage MarketPlace Quality Assurance; Zoning; stall descriptions and search facilities; Delegate CPD; Delegate, Client and/or user access
  • Up to 7+months posting on the IHBC’s 2022 School Heritage MarketPlace website (depending on booking)
  • Certify School Heritage MarketPlace engagement by School Delegates 18 June for up to 2 hours IHBC CPD (linked to Day School Programme)

School delegates:
  • Review and interrogate IHBC Heritage MarketPlace Stallholder Listing – including stallholder services - is in advance of School
  • Plan attendance at priority stalls for learning, insights and more, as required, over 2 hours of CPD
  • Attend stall sessions across up to 4X30mins sessions, including an option to ‘stroll around’ the Heritage MarketPlace
  • Build understanding, networks, relationships etc. with Stallholders before, during and after the School
  • Complete feedback and call on IHBC CPD certificates for attendance.

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