Grover Lewis Associates Ltd.

The Green, 10 Beacon Hill Road, Newark, Notts. NG24 1NU
Tel  01636 640505
Which IHBC Branch are you based in?

East Midlands

Which county are you based in?


Describe the work your company carries out

For owners and developers:

  • historic building assessments
  • historic building recording
  • historical/archival research to inform proposals affecting historic buildings or areas
  • design advice in connection with development proposals in historic areas
  • assessment of the impact of development proposals on heritage assets, in accordance with PPS 5
  • negotiation/mediation with local authorities and statutory bodies such as English Heritage
  • design and access statements
  • the heritage impact component of environmental impact analysis
  • planning, listed building and conservation area consent applications
  • planning appeals
  • providing expert evidence at planning hearings and inquiries

For local authorities:

  • historic environment consultations for development control casework
  • conservation area character appraisals
  • historic area management plans
  • management of historic building/area grant schemes
  • formulation of the heritage component of local development frameworks
  • formulation of supplementary planning documents
  • historic building assessments
  • historic building recording
  • planning appeals

Give examples of up to three projects you have undertaken

  1. The Old Fire Station, Bridewell, Bristol –justification for conversion to new use.
  2. Marsworth Wharf, Tring, Buckinghamshire - heritage impact assessment of proposed redevelopment.
  3. Covered Reservoir, Heavitree Road, Greenwich, Greater London – assessment of significance in relation to listing criteria.

See attached for details and images

HESPR 'Designated Service Adviser'

Name: Philip Grover

Job title: Director

Tel:  01636 640505


Which of the following roles do you consider your company carries out under the HESPR scheme?

Historic Building conservation  YES

Conservation planning YES

Architectural design and new build in historic areas  

Historical research YES

Historic area assessments YES

Project Management  YES

Archaeology YES

Other  YES