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17 - 18 June 2021



1.   Introduction

·       The IHBC Annual School is the principle platform for training and professional development for historic environment conservation specialists.  It is the IHBC’s flagship national annual event drawing delegates from of IHBC members, non-member conservation professionals and the broader sector.

·       The 2020 Annual School was due to pandemic restrictions held on line with a webinar Day School with recorded speakers and a live chair.  The 2021 School was also online but more ambitious in its style and more reflective of the physical School.  Alongside a Friday Day School with live speakers were a series of Thursday seminars, a MarketPlace event replicating the character of the School exhibition whilst concentrating on offering CPD and a lunch time network and discussion opportunity in lunch with the IHBC.


2.   Ensuring feedback from School delegates


·       To ensure maximum delegate feedback delegates have since 2009 been directed within two days of the end of the School to an electronic survey form.  This simplifies the process of submitting feedback for delegates, allows them to make any additional comments with ease and has been shown to deliver more responses than paper feedback forms. In recent years feedback from around 50% of delegates has been sought and in 2021 this response rate was 54%.




Annual School Delegates


·       Although the event is organised by the IHBC and is a key annual event for its members it provides training for non-members and all those with a professional interest in conservation.  The physical Annual Schools have traditionally provided important training opportunities for those outside the Institute but this has been reflected less in the online Schools.  In 2018 29.3% of the School delegates were not members of the IHBC, demonstrating the School’s wider appeal but at the online School in 2021, 96.3% of delegates were IHBC members.


3.   Delegate feedback


1.1.         Conference content and CPD value


·       98.2% of delegates felt that that the content was good or excellent in its relevance to current issues. 

·       The CPD support offered by the School was rated as good or excellent by 83.64% of delegates

·       Of those delegates who attended the sessions live 95.83% felt the Friday morning to be good or excellent and 91.11% felt the Friday afternoon to be good or excellent.










·       A brilliant couple of days. Well done to the HQ team for putting together.

·       Thoroughly enjoyed Jan Gehl and co.  Really great discussion.

·       Despite the success of the virtual School I am looking forward to getting back in the same place as everyone. However, keeping some virtual opportunities might increase the number of people who attend especially international delegates. I appreciate this is a balancing act with making sure delegates don't choose this option over attending in person.

·       Well done everyone involved. It was great to keep in touch.

·       It was a shame that I had such bad problems with my broadband connection as I had taken holiday to attend. Fortunately I will be able to catch up by accessing the recordings.

·       Thank you! It was excellent.  I shall never forget Jan Gehl excellent presentation (for all the right reasons!)

·       Holding the School online was really good for those of us who wouldn't necessarily be able to take time to travel and attend the whole thing in person in an ordinary year.

·       I hope that in the future there will be a hybrid option for sustainable and accessibility reasons. It also widens the reach of the IHBC and learning. It allows dipping in and out of sessions without the commitment of full attendance.
Thank you for going virtual this year. Please consider allowing virtual attendance for future years so that all your members have the opportunity to get involved. 

·       A great day of talks.

·       I really enjoyed it but found the online info a little scattershot. Price was great and the talks were great.

·       Felt there wasn't a large connection to projects on going in Brighton. This might have been possible had there been an in person school, but felt it could have had more relevance



The event is being made available afterwards to delegates and 94.4% of delegates intend to go back and watch items agin or watch things they were unable to watch live.



Will you watch the online School sessions again?

I will watch again to get more out of it or to check points I noted


I will watch it for the first time on the link as I did not watch it live


I might go back to it at a later date


I will not use the link to watch the School













Event duration and pace




4.   Conference organisation


·       Delegates were asked to rate the booking arrangements and they were rated as good or excellent by 85.45% of delegates.  Also 85.45% of delegates rated the information provided to them as good or excellent.  Ease of digital access was rated as good or excellent by 74.55% of delegates.



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