IHBC Yearbook 2014

12 Royal Albert Hall, London Quadrant 3 Development, London Formerly the Regent Palace Hotel Tottenham Court Road, London The London Coliseum (photo: Andreas Praefcke) SHAWS ARCHITECTURAL TERRACOTTA & FAIENCE CRAFTSMANSHIP AT ITS VERY FINEST SINCE 1897 OUR TERRACOTTA HAS ADORNED SOME OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS BUILDINGS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE, AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT JON WILSON TELEPHONE: +44 (0)7792 267483 OR EMAIL: JWILSON@SHAWSOFDARWEN.COM Shaws of Darwen, Waterside, Darwen, Lancashire BB3 3NX Tel: +44 (0)1254 775111 Fax: +44 (0)1254 873462 Email: jwilson@shawsofdarwen.com Website: www.shaws-terracotta.com