IHBC Yearbook 2011

4 Y e a r b o o k 2 0 1 1 Structure of the IHBC Yorkshire Keith Knight yorkshire@ihbc.org.uk Scotland Stuart Eydmann scotland@ihbc.org.uk South Julia Foster south@ihbc.org.uk South East David Kincaid southeast@ihbc.org.uk South West Ian Lund ian_lund@bathnes.gov.uk Wales Nathan Blanchard wales@ihbc.org.uk West Midlands Charles Shapcott westmids@ihbc.org.uk FINANCE& RESOURCESCOMMITTEE Committee Chair Richard Morrice resources@ihbc.org.uk Treasurer Michael Knights treasurer@ihbc.org.uk Chair of Council Jo Evans chair@ihbc.org.uk PRESIDENT Eddie Booth president@ihbc.org.uk CHAIR Jo Evans chair@ihbc.org.uk B R A N C H C O U N C I L M E M B E R S B R A N C H C O U N C I L M E M B E R S SECRETARY Richard Morrice secretary@ihbc.org.uk Administrator Lydia Porter admin@ihbc.org.uk EDUCATIONTRAINING & STANDARDS COMMITTEE Education Secretary and Committee Chair John Preston education@ihbc.org.uk COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH COMMITTEE Communications & Outreach Secretary and Committee Chair Charles Strang communications@ihbc.org.uk Editorial Board Chair Fiona Newton editorial@ihbc.org.uk Publicity Secretary Douglas Black publicity@ihbc.org.uk POLICY COMMITTEE Policy Secretary and Committee Chair Mike Brown policy@ihbc.org.uk Government Liaison Secretary Bob Kindred government@ihbc.org.uk MEMBERSHIP & ETHICS COMMITTEE Membership Secretary and Committee Chair Richenda Codling (acting) membership@ihbc.org.uk NOTES Red text indicates voting posts of Council. Other o cers can attend Council as required. For further details of the regional branch contacts see map on page 6. For contact details of all others please refer to the directory of members on page 44. East Midlands Roy Lewis eastmids@ihbc.org.uk London David McDonald london@ihbc.org.uk North Geo Underwood north@ihbc.org.uk Northern Ireland Colin Hatrick northernireland@ihbc.org.uk North West Kate Borland northwest@ihbc.org.uk East Anglia Phil Godwin eastanglia@ihbc.org.uk Projects O cer Fiona Newton projects@ihbc.org.uk Membership Services O cer Joanna Theobald membershipservices@ihbc.org.uk DIRECTOR Seán O‘Reilly director@ihbc.org.uk IHBC NATIONAL OFFICE VICE CHAIR Sheila Stones vchair@ihbc.org.uk COUNCIL