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The Consultations Committee
The IHBC constantly monitors discussion papers issued by Government Departments and other national and regional organisations, together with Green and White Papers, proposed changes to policy and guidance and other consultations relevant to building conservation and heritage-led regeneration. The Consultations Committee formulates responses to these documents on behalf of the IHBC. The Consultations process is therefore a key element in formulating the IHBC’s external policy on a range of issues.

Current Consultations
The IHBC may not necessarily comment on all consultations, but we are glad to hear opinions from both members and non-members.
BIM for Heritage Guidance
The Geospatial Imaging team of Historic England are currently working on a new technical guidance document relating to BIM and heritage.
Entitled “BIM for Heritage: Developing a Historic Building Information Model” this publication is intended to help heritage sector owners, end-users and professionals successfully implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) for heritage projects.
Before we proceed with the design and publication of this new document we welcome your comments on this draft Historic England technical advice document.
24th February 2017
Good Practice Advice in Planning Note 3 (GPA 3) – The Setting of Heritage Assets
Historic England has been considering revisions to Good Practice Advice in Planning Note 3 (GPA 3) – The Setting of Heritage Assets in the light of recent planning cases and the need to provide better advice on views.
24th February 2017
Consultation on the revision of Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning Note 3 - The Setting of Heritage Assets
Historic England is proposing to update The Setting of Heritage Assets in the light of recent planning cases and to provide further advice on views. The heritage interest in views is a matter of the contribution of views to the significance of heritage assets, which aligns views in these terms closely with setting.
28th February 2017
Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) new draft guidance on Local Landscape Areas
SNH and Historic Scotland (now HES) published Guidance on Local Landscape designations in 2006. We have recently revised this guidance, drawing on the experience of reviewing and designating local landscape designations over the past 10 years, with the help of a small working group of local authorities and NGOs. Guidance on Local Landscape Areas retains the broad approach set out in the original guidance, but brings it up to date and improves its clarity where needed. Some initial case studies illustrating the approach are also provided.
3rd March 2017
An Asset Management Approach to the Historic Environment, Historic Environment Scotland
Historic Environment Scotland have produced a guidance note for government departments, local authorities, public bodies and those with large estates with multiple historic environment assets.
23rd March 2017
Listed Buildings & Curtilage
Historic England Advice Note

In 2016 Historic England published a short note with hypothetical examples to show how to assess the extent of the curtilage of a listed building. We are consulting on this updated version (January 2017) which clarifies and expands the advice.
24th March 2017
Historic Environment Scotland: Asset Transfer Policy, Procedure and Guidance
interim policy on how we will facilitate Asset Transfer under The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

The Community Empowerment Act was created to provide community bodies with legal rights, including extending the right to buy land and buildings, participation in decision-making, and the right to make asset transfer requests to public bodies for land and buildings. HES is included in the Act as a public body with delegated responsibility for properties in care of Scottish Ministers. As the lead public body for the historic environment, we also have an important role in utilising the new legislation to enable communities’ to engage with, celebrate, and protect their historic environment.

In support of this, we have published an Interim Policy, Procedure and Guidance as well as our Register of Assets (applicable under the Act).
24th March 2017
Fixing our broken housing market
Consultation on changes to planning policy and legislation in relation to planning for housing, sustainable development and the environment.
2nd May 2017
Archive of Past IHBC Consultations Responses
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Representations on any current paper can be made via this link. Representations are welcome from both members and non-members of the Institute.