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The Consultations Committee
The IHBC constantly monitors discussion papers issued by Government Departments and other national and regional organisations, together with Green and White Papers, proposed changes to policy and guidance and other consultations relevant to building conservation and heritage-led regeneration. The Consultations Committee formulates responses to these documents on behalf of the IHBC. The Consultations process is therefore a key element in formulating the IHBC’s external policy on a range of issues.

Current Consultations
The IHBC may not necessarily comment on all consultations, but we are glad to hear opinions from both members and non-members.
The National Assembly for Wales’ Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee are holding an inquiry into the Historic Environment
These are some of the issues the Committee will be looking at:

  • Implementation of the Historic Environment Act;
  • Protection for listed buildings and scheduled monuments;
  • Protection for buildings and monuments at risk;

As part of this, the Committee want you to hear from people who own listed buildings or have scheduled monuments on their property. Have your say in the survey by clicking on the link:

The committee will use your contributions to feed into the inquiry and final recommendations.
22nd September 2017
Scottish Government - Climate Change Bill
This paper contains proposals for a new Climate Change Bill. The proposed Climate Change Bill will amend only those parts of the 2009 Act that relate to emission reduction targets and associated reporting duties. This paper is accompanied by a public consultation on these proposed changes which will run between 30th June and 22nd September 2017.
22nd September 2017
The Raynsford Review of planning: Call for evidence
The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)'s Raynsford review of planning has issued a call for evidence. The review aims to identify how the Government can reform the planning system to make it fairer, better resourced and capable of tackling the major challenges which confront the nation.

The task force is keen to hear from a broad range of professionals, public agencies, interest groups and members of the general public. You can respond in the following ways:

Questions of relevance to heritage include:
  • How inclusive and effective are current approaches to community involvement in planning?
  • To what extent has the greater use of permitted development for the conversion of buildings met the objectives of sustainable development?
  • Does the planning system contribute to achieving sustainable development in the long-term public interest?
31st October 2017
Archive of Past IHBC Consultations Responses
Click on links to view past responses (PDF format)
Representations on any current paper can be made via this link. Representations are welcome from both members and non-members of the Institute.