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The Consultations Committee
The IHBC constantly monitors discussion papers issued by Government Departments and other national and regional organisations, together with Green and White Papers, proposed changes to policy and guidance and other consultations relevant to building conservation and heritage-led regeneration. The Consultations Committee formulates responses to these documents on behalf of the IHBC. The Consultations process is therefore a key element in formulating the IHBC’s external policy on a range of issues.

Current Consultations
The IHBC may not necessarily comment on all consultations, but we are glad to hear opinions from both members and non-members.

National Development Framework: Issues, options and preferred option
Following extensive engagement and discussion with stakeholders across Wales, we are consulting on the Issues, Options and Preferred Option for the NDF.
23rd July 2018
Heritage Lottery Fund Policy Directions consultation
The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) is the largest dedicated funder of the UK’s heritage. As a Lottery distributor and public body it is answerable to Parliament for its work, and must take into account Policy Directions issued by Ministers when making its funding decisions. These Policy Directions are being revised following a recommendation in the Tailored Review of the HLF carried out in 2017.
29th July 2018
Piling and Archaeology: Guidance and Good Practice
This guidance provides good practice advice for all parties dealing with archaeological sites where foundation solutions for new buildings might involve piling. It contains: a basic overview of the main piling methods; a review of the harm that they can cause to the significance of archaeological sites; and sets out steps by which this harm can be avoided or minimised. It is an update of the previous version.
31th July 2018
Environmental Principles and Governance after EU Exit
Key questions around how environmental principles should be embedded into law, public policy-making and delivery, and what functions and powers the new environmental watchdog should have to oversee environmental law and policy.
2nd August 2018
Faculty Rules consultation
The 2015 Faculty Jurisdiction Rules were introduced with the intention of simplifying faculty procedures and reducing the burden of administration in areas where it was not serving a useful purpose. We did this by introducing lists of matters that could be done either without a faculty or, in some cases, following approval by the Archdeacon.
6th August 2018
Guidelines on the X-radiography of Archaeological Metalwork
Historic England is in the process of updating the Guidelines on the X-radiography of Archaeological Metalwork.
10th August 2018
Subordinate legislation consolidation and review
Welsh Government consultation on the consolidation of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (UCO) and Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (GPDO) .
24th August 2018
Historic England - Insuring Historic Buildings and other Heritage Assets
This guidance is intended to help owners, managers, surveyors and other professional advisers involved with the insurance and assessment of reinstatement costs for historic buildings and other heritage assets.
3rd September 2018
Archive of Past IHBC Consultations Responses

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Representations on any current paper can be made via this link. Representations are welcome from both members and non-members of the Institute.

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