Rural Panel

The IHBC Rural Panel need to closely monitor all key DEFRA policies, delivered by Natural England, in order to assess the benefit for the conservation of the historic environment, and in particular historic buildings, in rural areas. YOUR INPUT INTO THIS IS VERY MUCH WELCOMED. The policies include all the Environmental Stewardship (ES) schemes, including Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS), including organic farming (OELS etc). HLS is actively targeted to the restoration of historic buildings. These funds in turn are ‘targeted’ and methodologies for doing this are under close scrutiny by Natural England. In addition the methodology for working farmers to make an application appear challenging.

There are a great many changes afoot in our rural areas, and although farming has known many changes in the last 1000 years the countryside as we know it is certainly under stress. IHBC members are invited to contact me if
a) they have any case histories on the operation of the grant schemes which indicate their success or otherwise
b) if they have a burning desire to be part of an E mail operated Rural Panel that can operate on a nationwide basis to assist in monitoring the situation as regards the conservation of the rural historic environment and historic buildings in particular.

Contact E mails are:

Carole Ryan
IHBC Rural policy representative