IHBC Database of Accredited Practitioners

This searchable database lists those individual practitioners accredited by the IHBC who have agreed to have select details made available online. It is based on the information in our membership database and is updated approximately every three months.

How to use the database: Engaging IHBC members
Many, though not all, of the practitioners listed here offer conservation advice and other services to clients in a variety of capacities, for example as company staff or as private consultants.  You can search it using a range of criteria, including by name.

If you want to engage an IHBC accredited specialist practitioner in your area simply search the list by our regional Branches and then identify those members with the appropriate skills in any relevant discipline (for example RICS, for surveyors; RIAS/RIBA/RSUA/ for architects, or CIfA for archaeologists etc.).  You can also search by discipline, such as 'Eng' or 'ICE' for engineers.

Then, if you would like to contact any of the individuals listed please email Joanna Theobald at contact@ihbc.org.uk and she will send you the relevant email contacts so that you can make your initial enquiries direct.

Finding IHBC members & How to use the database: Finding an IHBC HESPR company
This database does not include company listings.  If you are looking for a company that works to the IHBC's principles and standards please search our web listing of HESPR companies. This also provides links to the websites of HESPR companies.    

The database below identifies those members formally linked to the IHBC's list of HESPR companies through their role as the IHBC's 'Designated Service Adviser' (DSA) in a HESPR company.  if you want to find out more about the role of the DSA see our HESPR website.

Database: Terms of reference
As the database is for members whose skills, knowledge and expertise have been tested in line with the IHBC's Areas of Competence, it does not include IHBC Affiliates.

A complete annual list of the IHBC membership is available in our Yearbook (printed copy only)

If you would like to contact any individuals listed here please email Joanna Theobald at contact@ihbc.org.uk.

If you are accredited by the IHBC as a Full Member and would like to be added to this database please contact Joanna Theobald at contact@ihbc.org.uk.