Drystone Walling Course

3 March 2018
Merryhill Training Centre, Fife

Course Suitability

The nature of this course requires a good level of physical fitness.

We are always happy to help learners choose the right course. Please contact us if you would like to discuss which course is suitable for you or your employees.

Course Outline

Topics include

  • Sorting out – stone is sorted into size and shapes for reconstruction;
  • Setting out – set frames and string lines for correct dimensions prior to reconstruction;
  • Footings – organise and set footings is the first stage;
  • First lift – building stones are placed on top of footings up to knee height;
  • Through stones – placement to bond the wall together;
  • Second lift – smaller stones are used to the finished height of the wall;
  • Coping stones – both sides of the wall bonded together to give protection with a good finish.

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