Intensive Training Week at Scottish Lime Centre Trust

11 – 15 September 2017
Charlestown Workshops, Fife

Intensive Training – Assessment and Accreditation (C1, C2 and SQA National Units 1,2 & 3 in Conservation Masonry)

Time: 09.30 – 16.30

This intensive week of training and assessment will combine our courses ‘C1 Making and Using Traditional Mortars’ and ‘C2 Traditional Masonry Repair’ with continual assessment to allow you to gain SQA National Units 1, 2 & 3 in Conservation Masonry within five intensive days.

The content covered over this 5 day workshop and assessment will include:
1. Understanding of lime technology
2. Creating a repair strategy
3. Design of new mortars for conservation work
4. Harling and renders
5. Preparation of mortars
6. Lime washing
7. Lime pointing for rubble and ashlar
8. Stone indenting
9. Surface repair of stone
This week is only suitable for those with previous masonry repair experience (of building, pointing and harling in particular), we would be happy to help you decide if this course is suitable for you. For information on funding available to help towards the costs of this course please see the news section of our website or contact our team for further information.

Learning Outcomes & Course Programme

SQA National Unit 1 Preparing and Using Basic Lime Mixes (Intermediate 2, SCQF Level 5)

An assessment of your competence in distinguishing between lime and sand types, mixing a variety of lime mortars, raking out and re-point joints in traditional natural stonemasonry.

Outcomes include the ability to:
1.    Mix basic lime mortars;
2.    Knock-up pre-mixed lime mortars;
3.    Re-point joints in traditional rubble masonry.

SQA National Unit 2 Preparing Hydraulic Mortars and Building and Repointing Traditional Rubble Masonry (with various lime mortars) (Intermediate 2, SCQF Level 5)

An assessment of your competence in batching gauged hydraulic lime mortars, building and general masonry re-pointing with various lime mortars mixes.

Outcomes including the ability to:
1.    Batch hydraulic lime mortars;
2.    Point and re-point traditional masonry structures using pinning and lime mortars to replicate traditional masonry characteristics;
3.    Build traditional masonry structures using various lime mortars to match original appearance and properties.

SQA National Unit 3 Conservation Masonry (Intermediate 2, SCQF Level 5)

An assessment of your competence in mixing hot lime mortar and using lime mortar in construction and conservation projects.

Outcomes include the ability to:
1.    Mix hot gauged lime mortars;
2.    Re-point ashlar masonry structures and historic brickwork using lime mortars;
3.    Use lime-based grouts for joints and voids;
4.    Carry out complex repair and conservation work using lime mortars in accordance with current accepted conservation practice and guidelines.

SQA certificates will be issued to candidates who successfully meet the criteria of these units

To book a place on this course please click here,  email or give us a call on 01383 872722.