Twitter Conference

6 October 2017

Icon are hosting a Twitter Conference to provide an inclusive platform for conservators and the public to share conservation projects from around the world for the first time. For participants, the advantages of Twitter are that it’s free, and no travel is required to contribute and interact from anywhere in the world. The Conference will be archived online so it will be possible to catch up at a later date. We also hope that it will be fun.

Like a normal conference, each ‘speaker’ will get a 15 minute slot allocated to showcase their conservation paper. There are no limitations on themes so anyone in conservation can contribute, papers could be about a great treatment, a small but effective new technique, new innovations in technology, exhibition work, great public engagement or examples of successful collaboration. No project is too big or too small for this conference.

Once the call for papers has closed and papers chosen, a timetable of speakers and their twitter handles will be available from 14 September 2017.

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