HELP! Getting the Historic Environment into Local Plans – and the London…

28 February 2017

This joint seminar will examine the theory, policy and implementation behind the inclusion of
historic environment policies in local plans. Speakers will provide experience and differing
viewpoints relating to the impact of recent changes in legislation and Government guidance
to planning on heritage. The seminar will be of interest to those concerned over the
protection of London’s historic environment and those involved in delivering the conservation
of heritage assets and protection outcomes.

Speakers include: Richard Parish, Historic Places Adviser, Historic England will cover
Heritage in Local Plan-making then Sandy Kidd, Principal Archaeology Advisor (GLAAS)
Historic England, will speak about Archaeological Priority Areas, in conjunction with Borough
Local Plan reviews. David Divers of MOLA will provide a case study and Isabelle Adams will
provide the viewpoint from Crossrail 2.

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