Public Inquiry Workshop

8 – 10 March 2017

This course will take the form of a practical workshop carefully designed to improve the performance of anyone who might be called upon to participate in a Public Inquiry concerned with the historic environment.

The aims will be to present the terms of procedure, the roles of the participants and the general feel of a Public Inquiry. A mock Public Inquiry will be mounted using a genuine case study. Training for potential witnesses will be given in how to prepare evidence for a Public Inquiry, how to produce proofs of evidence, and to experience them being given and tested under realistic conditions.

Before the course you will receive a study pack including a guide to the preparation of evidence. You will be allocated a role to play in the Inquiry and asked to prepare a proof of evidence to fit this role.

Active participation in the course will be limited to 14 participants. You will be asked to indicate your area of interest or expertise in advance of the course so that roles can be appropriately assigned.

There will be a limited number of places available for observers who do not wish to play an active part. Observers will receive the study pack, attend the sessions and participate in the Inquiry as members of the public. The Inquiry will be videotaped to allow an analysis and feedback to be given on the final day.

Please note that the Wednesday evening session may extend beyond 9pm, so we recommend that all participants book a residential place or arrange accommodation near Oxford.

Because of the need to do preparatory work before the course, the closing date for applications will be Friday 3 February 2017.

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