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The Law of Consultation

27 September 2017

Who is it for?

Delivered with a high profile lawyer who is highly experienced in the Law of Consultation, this course is essential awareness raising for local government officers, NHS Managers, Police and Crime staff and a myriad other public sector roles where it is increasingly essential to consult the public – and do so lawfully. Anyone involved with planning or infrastructure development will also find it 100% relevant – as will community groups and third sector organisations who frequently have to focus their time and resources on responding to consultations.

Course Aim

The course covers the role played by the law, key provisions from legislation and explores lessons from 20-30 cases. Participants have the use of specially prepared Case Notes covering the most important recent precedents. They will also enjoy an entertaining group exercise in which they can test their understanding against an up-to-date realistic service rationalisation scenario.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the process of a Judicial Review
  • Learn about the Gunning Principles
  • Hear about different cases in which consultation has featured
  • The Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations

Registration – 09:30
Course Starts – 09:45
Course Ends – 16:00

Lunch & Refreshments Included

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Mortar & Stone Analysis Explained

Mortar Analysis Explained
7 September 2017
Charlestown Workshops, Fife

Boost your CPD hours and come and learn something useful with us here at Charlestown Workshops.

The Mortar Analysis Explained seminar will help you gain an understanding the component parts of historic mortars, plasters, renders and harling through a variety of analysis techniques – key information to developing a repair specification that will perform as a compatible replacement. Choosing the wrong mortar could endanger the very fabric of the building that you are trying to conserve.

For just £ 15 plus VAT (£ 18 in total) gain 2.5 hours of CPD and get to talk to our expert Building Materials Analysts.

Stone Analysis Explained
7 September 2017
Charlestown Workshops, Fife

Top up your CPD hours and come and learn something crucial for prolonging the life of our built heritage environment. The vast majority of our heritage buildings are built with natural stone, some more durable than others. So understanding the importance of the variety of analysis techniques at our disposal for revealing the nature of our building stones and how they might be replicated with currently operating quarries is a vital step in the building conservation process. Choosing the wrong stone could accelerate the decay of surrounding historic masonry, the very opposite of what we want to achieve. 

For just £ 15 plus VAT (£ 18 in total) gain 2.5 hours of CPD and be better informed for your building conservation projects.

To book a place on any of these seminars, please visit our website, email or give us a call on 01383 872722.

Open Day: 20 years of the BRE Trust

8 September 2017 
BRE Watford Bucknalls Lane 

It is 20 years since BRE came under the ownership of the BRE Trust – the largest UK charity dedicated specifically to research and education in the built environment. Join us for a celebratory open day of seminars, tours and demonstrations on our Watford site designed to give you a flavour of our past and present.

Event programme

Starting at 10am and concluding by 4pm, throughout the day our guests will have the chance to tour some of BRE’s world leading faciilties, meet with our experts, explore the latest offerings at the BRE Innovation Park, and to see for the first time our new anechoic chamber and sound transmission suites, which will be officially opened by our VIP guest during this open day.

Seminar sessions will provide an insight into the research carried out with BRE Trust funding into a number of areas, including the cost to society and the NHS of poor housing in the UK, studies into the way indoor lighting can affect our performance, and more. The outcomes from BRE Trust thematic research programmes, including the BRE Trust Cities Programme will also be covered.

A free, grab-and-go sandwich lunch service will ensure you get maximum time to visit all of the areas of the site that will be open.

Further details will be posted here shortly. Register to attend this free event to receive updated information as it is released.

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Making and Using Traditional Mortars C1-Contractor Level 1

22 – 23 August 2017
Merryhill Training Centre, Fife

Find out about all the different types of lime mortar on the market and where and when to use them!

Just about everyone knows they should be using lime mortars on old buildings, but do you know which grade of lime to use for chimneys or general rubble walling?
Come and find out on our most popular course for building contractors C1 Making and using traditional mortars… or perhaps you have attended this course in the past and want a refresher? There are more than a dozen lime binders on the market in the UK which is a far cry from the early days of the lime revival when all we had was lime putty and an overly strong hydraulic lime from Switzerland!

Our most popular two day introductory course – this practical workshop will provide attendees with a strong understanding of lime technology.
The reasons for using traditional mortars on solid walls will also be explained, to allow you to better advise clients. The course will guide participants to be able to complete pointing work to traditional buildings to a high standard.
The content of this workshop provides the underpinning knowledge required for assessment and accreditation of SQA National Unit 1 – ‘Preparing and Using Basic Lime Mixes’.

Learning Outcomes:

•    Understanding traditional building technology.
•    Understanding the range of binders, sands and aggregates for traditional mortars.
•    Ability to undertake accurate mixing for repeatability and cost effective work.
•    Understanding the setting characteristics of lime mortars.

Course Programme


Day 1 – Making Traditional Mortars

•    Health and Safety issues
•    Historic use of lime mortars
•    Processing lime
•    Best practice for mortar mixing
•    Inspecting masonry
•    Using the right tools

Day 2 – Using Traditional Mortars

•    Preparing masonry joints
•    Techniques of working
•    Placing of mortar for repointing
•    Joint finishing
•    Curing and protection regimes

To book a place on this course or for further information, please visit our website, email or give us a call on 01383 872722.
This course can be paid for using an ILA.
Find out more about ILAs. If you would like to book courses using your ILA account please contact us.

The industrial heritage of SMEs: an asset for tourist and regional development

21 September 2017
Brussels, Belgium

GENIUS LOCI is a co-founded European project under the COSME Programme of the European Union. The project has the intent to put the heritage of SMEs and traditional crafts and industries in the light and to revalue and enhance its appreciation by tourists and the general public.

Partners are located in: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Malta, and Belgium.

The Genius Loci Project aims to foster the touristic market related to the following sectors:

1. Fermented drinks (beer, wine, cider, etc.), the distilling process, and their transformation in spirits

2. The heritage of clay processing industries (bricks, tiles, roof tiles (refractory bricks, pottery, drainage pipes, majolica, etc.)

3. Traditional textile crafts (weaving) and the production of traditional European textile fibres (as flax, hemp, etc.).

Please do find in attachment the invitation to attend the presentation of the results of the European ‘Genius Loci’ project, which aimed at the promotion of the heritage of small enterprises. The project has been co-financed by the European Commission under the COSME-programme.

The results will be presented at an international conference at the European Committee of the Regions on September 21st.
Participation is free, but participant’s registration is compulsory and should be done before the end of August. Here is the Registration Form.

For more information one can contact
– the E-FAITH secretariat (Belgium): – T +32.496.377791
– the Genius Loci coordinator (Italy) : – phone T. +69.75.9661930 – F. +39.75.9661931