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IHBC's Conservation Course Connection Days2015

8 November 2015, Birmingham


Introduction and welcome

Seán O'Reilly, Director

IHBC's SelfStarter

Seán O'Reilly & Henry Russell, Chair of Education Training & Standards Committee (Interim) 

Digital & Other Resources

Resources continued

Fiona Newton, Operation Director, talks about sector staffing and skills

Where to find online resources and networking

Finding relevant resources

Alison McCandlish, Social Networking Consultant, talks about how to get the best out of social networking

Fiona Newton on Skills Development and the IHBC

Seán O'Reilly on IHBC Student Support

Kate Kendall, LETS Officer, on Membership diversity and benefits 

Seán O'Reilly closes CCCD2015


To find out more about the IHBC's Conservation Course Connection Days contact IHBC Director Sean O'Reilly at